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Kimiko Tohomiko Vs Marik Ishtar

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This duel takes place in megasean3000's fanfic Xiaolin Showdown/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover 1


  • Marik's first duel in which he isn't in his Dark form.
  • This duel is for Third Place in the tournament

Duel Recap

Start at 4000 lps

Marik's Turn

  • Summons Arrow Blader (DEF: 1800)
  • Sets two cards

Kimiko's Turn

  • Summons Dunames Dark Witch (ATK: 1800)
  • Activates Luminous Spark, increasing all LIGHT Attribute monsters by 500 ATK points (DDW ATK: 2300)
  • Attacks Arrow Blader
  • Marik activates Rope of Life, discarding his hand to summon back Arrow Blader with 800 more ATK points (ATK: 2400)
  • Sets a card

Marik's Turn

  • Summons Flight Griffin (ATK: 1700)
  • It's effect activates, when it's summoned, it can allow Marik to draw cards equal to the number of monsters on the field, since there are 3, he draws 3.
  • Attacks Dunames with Arrow Blader
  • Kimiko activates the face-down: Reverse Trap, so all monsters with power-ups lose their power-up and fall by the decrease (DDW: 1300) (AB: 800)
  • The attack is rebounded (Marik: 3500)
  • Flight Griffin attacks Dunames (Kimiko: 3600)

Kimiko's Turn

  • Summons Shining Angel (ATK: 1400) > (ATK: 1900)
  • Attacks Flight Griffin
  • Marik activates Griffin Strike Team, at the cost of discarding the top cards in Marik's Deck, Flight Griffin can increase it's ATK by 1000 points. (ATK: 2700) for one turn.
  • The attack is rebounded (Kimiko: 2800)
  • Shining Angel's effect activates, since it was destroyed by battle, it can automatically summon Banisher of the Light (ATK: 100) from her deck.
  • Switches Banisher of the Light to defence mode (DEF: 2000)

Marik's Turn

  • Activates Pot of Greed, drawing two cards
  • Activates Heavy Storm, destroying all spells. Including Luminous Spark.
  • Sacrifices Flight Griffin to summon Jumbonga (ATK: 2300)
  • Attacks Banisher of the Light
  • Sets a card

Kimiko's Turn

  • Activates Monster Reborn, bringing back Dunames Dark Witch (ATK: 1800)
  • Activates Quick-Play Summon, allowing her to sacrifice Dunames and Special-Summon Dark Magician Girl (ATK: 2000)
  • Activates Sage's Stone, when Dark Magician Girl's on the field, she can summon Dark Magician from any nearby deck. (Omi's.) (ATK: 2500)
  • Marik activates Savage Attack (Quick-Play Spell) which increases Jumonga's ATK by 1000 points (ATK: 3300)
  • Kimiko sacrifices both magicians to summon Sorcerer of Dark Magic (ATK: 3200)
  • Jumbonga's ATK decreases by 500 for every Spellcaster in her graveyard (ATK: 2300)
  • Attacks Jumbonga (Marik: 2100)

Marik's Turn

  • Skips

Kimiko's Turn

  • Attacks directly (Marik: 0)

Kimiko Wins

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