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Kimber The Hedgehog As She Appears In Alexa The Hedgehog: Post Apocalyptic Future She Is Aqua Blue Furred With Her Hair In Pigtails She Wore An Dark Blue Ski Top Which Showed Her Aqua Blue Stomach Dark Blue Shorts And Dark Blue Boots She Has Cybernetic Gear On She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Has Dark Blue And White Sunglasses On Her Head

Helping The Hedgehogs

In The ATH: PAF Movie Kimber Appears After Dark Amy Rose Was Born In Which Amy Successfully Seperately Herself From Her But Dark Amy Rose Didn't Want To Hurt Anyone Rather She Was Stressed Out That Eggman Will Return But Shade Assured Her That He Won't Return Dark Amy Rose Was Relieved To Know That

Powers And Abilities

Kimber An Female Hedgehog Has Various Abilities That She Uses To Fight

Appearances In Movies

ATH: PAF (Movie)

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