Main Characters (Kimber, Nega Dark Amy Rose, Dark Amy Rose Are The Main Characters They Also Share Kimber's Powers)

Kimber The Hedgehog-She Is Aqua Blue Furred With Her Hair In Pigtails She Wore An Dark Blue Ski Top Which Showed Her Aqua Blue Stomach Dark Blue Shorts And Dark Blue Boots She Has Cybernetic Gear On She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Has Dark Blue And White Sunglasses On Her Head She Has Cybernetic Powers Given To Her To Help Her Out She Is From The Future Along With Her 5 Friends

Dark Amy Rose (Amy Rose)-She Is Polite, Very Helpful And Offers Her Assistance When Needed She Wears The Same Outfit As Amy Rose She Is Dark Blue Furred

Nega Dark Amy Rose-She Is Actually A Very Nice Girl She Is Their New Ally She Wears The Same Outfit As Amy Rose Dark Blue Furred With Red Eyes And Black Irises She Has Extremely Long Red Hair And Hot Red Lips And An Sexy Body To Match

Anastacia The Hedgehog-She Looks Just Like Her Sister Kimber The Hedgehog Like Kimber She Too Is A Cybernetic Hedgehog Who Is Also Aqua Blue Furred And Has Kimber's Appearance And Looks And Clothing She Too Is From The Future

Holly The Hedgehog-She Looks Just Like Her Sister Kimber The Hedgehog In Everything

Plotline: Our New Female Cybernetic Futuristic Hedgehog Named Kimber Traveling Through The Future To Get To The Present She Has Powerful Abilities To Help Her Out She Is Confident About Herself She Has Two Allies In Nega Dark Amy Rose And Dark Amy Rose Assisting Her But Three Isn't Enough For Kimber She Needs Even More Help Luckily Her Sister Anastacia The Hedgehog Joins Them Along Came Holly The Hedgehog An Cute Cuddly Girl

Other Sonic Characters/Villains

Amy Rose-Oddly This Isn't Present Amy Rose Rather It Is Future Amy Rose As A Cybernetic Female Hedgehog With Powers Given To Her

Scene 1: The Journey Begins

  • In The Future*

Kimber The Hedgehog: *Flying* We Should Able To Go Into The Present

Nega Dark Amy Rose: *Flying* I Agree

Dark Amy Rose: *Flying*  Agreed By The Way How Did We Get Your Powers

Kimber The Hedgehog: *Flying* *Smiles* Simple My Dear Girls You Were Given My Powers By Accident

Anastacia The Hedgehog: *Flying* Mind If I Joined In

Kimber The Hedgehog: *Flying* Sure!!!!

Nega Dark Amy Rose: *Flying* Don't Look Now But I See The Suppression Squad Invading Mobius From Down There

Holly The Hedgehog: *Flying* You're Right We Must Get To The Present Immediately

Kimber The Hedgehog: *Flying* Right Here We Go *Smiles* Yaaaahhhhhhhooooo!!!!!

  • The Cybernetic Female Hedgehogs Fly Into The Present*

Amy Rose: *Flying* Let's Go!!!!

Dark Amy Rose: *Flying* Yeah!!!!

Holly The Hedgehog: *Flying* Yeah!!!!

Nega Dark Amy Rose: *Flying* Okay!!!!

Kimber The Hedgehog: *Flying* This Should Be Fun!!!!

  • They Fly Into Mobius And Land*

Kimber The Hedgehog: *Her Cybernetic Senses Go Off* Something Tells Us That They're Nearby

Anastacia The Hedgehog: Yeah

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