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Kingdom Hearts: Lost Reason Prologue

Prologue: The descendants

Two Keyblade Masters. One born from the darkness while the other born of the light. One would open the door to the forbidden kingdom while the other would help the Queen return to her rightful throne and consume the remaining worlds into the abyss. I've always dreaded those words from that fading soldier. Why was I born of the darkness? Was this some kind of a joke? There's nothing I can do now. This lullaby from my late mother is the only way that I can ask those fallen before my time why? Why me? And also, my reason for challenging her to the race we admitted ourselves to for what is truly in our hearts.

Simple and Clean ~Intro~

You're giving me
Too many things, lately
You're all I need
You smiled at me, and said

Don't get me wrong I love you
But does that mean I have to meet your father?
When we are older you'll understand what I meant when I said no
I don't think life is quite that simple

When you walk away
You don't hear me say
Please, oh baby don't go
Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight
It's hard to let it go

Hold me, whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings
The future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

Hold me, whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings
The future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

I can see her. The hearts are falling in front of us as we try to float over to each other. We reach out our hands but are unable to grab hold. Her eyes are closed. I know what she's thinking. Nothing more than revenge on the ones who took her brother away. Who could blame her? It's their fault. He had done nothing wrong, but now that he's gone all she desires is to destroy those who wronged her and then plunge into the darkness to save him. What am I thinking? To change history to undo this curse brought upon me by those troublesome key welders. It is because of one of their dying words that drove my home to fear me. So now I am taking this chance to use what light is left in me to clear myself of this history once in for all. I hope that Raymond will forgive me. For raising my arm to such an selfish act.

~Patty's side~

"Take good care of Patty okay? Make sure she does her work. I want my sister to be the greatest queen anyone has ever seen before. Just like our Grandmother."

"Wait Lord Raymond. What about you? You're the destined king of the family."

"The public doesn't trust me, remember? Our mother abandon Patty when she only three and took me to live in a poor part of our kingdom. Recalling that moment, they only see a garbage man... me. Which is why when Patty turns 16, I want you to find her a faithful husband who would do well as a king. I'm going to be turning over my title soon and leaving this place. It's clear to me the elders don't want me around, so it's best that when I turn 18 that I depart rather than take the throne. Besides, I think the public would want that as well."

"Lord Raymond..."

"I'm counting on you, okay? I'm heading to Last Resort. You do where that world is, right?"

"Oh my Lord! Don't go there! That place is the meeting ground of the past and present. No one as faithful as you should step forth in such a place. You would disappear for good if they found out who you were."

"I know. I'm heading there to make sure they keep their hands off of Patty because I know when the time comes, they'll come after her. You must protect her for me. Promise me."

The servant looked at the golden haired youth and did nothing more but bow and carry out the order he was given. The young man then left the palace. The princess, who was eavesdropping as usual, watch her brother leave the palace. Thinking that he was going to do another errand run, she returned to her bed, reading the volumes of Kilala Princess.

"Well my brother is off to another adventure again. I wonder what great journey he's going to now." As she viewed the pages in the manga, she closed her eyes. "I wish I could be like Kilala. Finding time to see the Princesses of Heart and fall in love with a cute prince. And here I am, in a boring Palace trapped behind these walls while my cousin Tai is off fighting monsters and my brother doing treaties and viewing the worlds. I wish I could go somewhere beyond this dusty place." She then felt her frustration come up and for her use of venting, she threw the first volume of Kilala Princess to the wall. "This sucks. Both my life being here and this stupid manga series!" She placed her head down on her bed sheets and then lifted her head to view the window. As she got up, she looked down at one of the soldiers training in the garden. It was Guy, a long time friend of her brother's since the day they were 12. Not wanting to stay in her room, Patty grabbed the family treasured scythe off the wall of the throne room and headed out to train with Guy. As she comes down, she sees him striking at stationed wooden targets.

"Hello Guy."

He stops swinging his sword and looks at Patty.

"Oh! Hello your majesty. What are you doing in the garden? Shouldn't you be practicing on casting spells with the head sorcerers?"

"As if! I don't want to stay in that castle forever. I'm so bored. My brother gets to explore the world. My cousin battles giant heartless everyday. And here I am, stuck in a palace doing nothing but reading and writing pointless papers. I want to see the world, fight monsters, meet new friends, and fall in love. Not get into an arrange marriage with someone I barely know! You do understand what I'm talking about, don't you Guy?"

"You seem like you don't want to be a princess anymore or even a queen at most. Did you talk to Lord Raymond to ask for a resignation of your title?"

"I don't have to because he already made up his mind. He's going to resign himself and have me placed in a arranged marriage. I hate it. It's the worst thing he could have thrown at me since the day he told me about Grandma's death. Also, he says that he's planning to go to Last Resort. Where ever that is."

Guy's eyes dilated from her answer in fear.

"Last Resort? Oh no! Raymond shouldn't be going back there at all. What was he thinking?"

"What's wrong Guy?"

"Last Resort is a world owned by those who have already given themselves to the darkness. Ever since the incident 50 years ago, that place has been nothing more than a crime din for those who escape their world and would rather head there than go to Traverse's Town for shelter. They are those who don't want to give up what the darkness has given them. Raymond hasn't been living on their streets for almost six years now since Sylvia went there and rescued him. You better talk to the elders about this. I got a bad feeling he might be in over his head."

"I will. Thank you."

As she started to run Guy called back.

"My lady!" She turned around. "If you ever change your mind with exploring the world, I'd be happy to... oh never mind. This is obviously your decision. Not mine."

"You're a good friend Guy. I'm glad my brother brought you here to be my guard and to serve our kingdom. However, I will be 16 soon, meaning that I will become a true lady. Please do not stop me unless it's an order from my brother. Then I won't object."

"Lady Priscilla..."

She then ran back inside to meet with the elders to help assist her brother who had recently departed. As she ran, a strange figure then appeared before her.

"Don't go to the elders. They won't help your brother. And leave that weapon here. It won't provide much protection for what lies ahead."

"Wah! Who are you?"

"My name is of no importance. However, my purpose in seeing you is to warn you that your brother is in grave danger."

"Raymond is in trouble?"


"Oh no! What am I going to do? Where is he?"

"Do you want to know?"

"Yes! Please tell me!"

"Okay. It's Last Resort." She looked at the hooded stranger in shock. "Do not panic. There is still time. Go ask the servant your brother talked to. Ask for the black robe. Once you find it, meet me outside the castle walls."

He disappeared. Patty held her heart tightly, dropped the scythe, and ran to the servant that she over heard her brother talking to before he had left.


"Ah lady Priscilla. What are you doing outside of your room? You should be studying your magic, remember?"

"Carran, where's my brother's black robe?"

"It's in his room. Lady Priscilla, what's wrong?"

"I need it."

"I don't trust your tone. Lady Priscilla, what are you up to this time?"

"I'm going for a walk. I need it for protection. Don't follow me, okay?"

She then left for Raymond's room and took the black robe from the back of his door. Putting it on, she viewed the walls of the castle one last time, knowing that what she was about to would rid her the title that she had held for the last 15 years: princess Cornell. Knowing that the Elders won't do a thing for her brother, Patty decided to depart for the outside world. To Last Resort.

"So you've come?"

"Take me to my brother. I don't have much time now."

"I will. Before we go, come closer. There is something I need to do to keep you safe." She walked over to the stranger. Taking his hand, he leveled it to her chest. A small light left from her body and entered into his hand. She then patted her body, wondering what he did. "Do not worry. I removed the essence that would attract heartless. The reason why some people are able to survive Last Resort is that some have to give up something that they feel the heartless would go after. For you, I took something that they would target. Now that its gone. They will never bother. " He then turned around and opened a portal in front of her. "Go. Raymond is on the other side."

With this, Patty, jumped through the portal.

"Hang on brother! I'm coming to save you!"

~Taisuke's side~

He was five years old when the air ship crashed near the ruins of Castle Mordan. The air ship was wrecked by the hands of the heartless, consuming those who were on board except that one boy. Ever since the day the heartless took his mother away and made his father abandon him, Taisuke lived his life as a black sheep in the cold village near Castle Mordan. No one wanted to go close to him because the heartless never brought harm to him. Perhaps they thought he called the heartless during a small tantrum that caused the lives of hundreds on board. Perhaps it was because his father abandon him that the village didn't want to help him, feeling that he should have vanished just as the others did on board that airship. However, it was because of the elders that he was shunned away from the public. They had said that he was the destined child that would be born from the darkness and who would awaken the dreaded Mistress of Darkness from her deep slumber to reunite her with her lost home, Kingdom Hearts, and consume the remaining worlds that survived that terrible war decades ago. All this originated from the fallen words of a key blader who fell decades before that warned of such a disaster. Because of those words, Tai loathed the key bladers.

Now Tai was 17 when it came time for the ceremony of the descendants. The village was holding an annual celebration for his long time rival, Trace. He was 18 years old and was favored from the village to become the next key blader who would save the remaining worlds from becoming consumed by the heartless. Before he could be given the key, the elder decided to ask the heirs of the village what they would do if they were chosen as key blader. Each one answered with questions either reasonable or just silly. Tai stood from the distance watching the ceremony on top the hill. His friend was about to be given the title that stained Tai's existence.

Why me mother? What did I do to deserve this? They say the Key blade has the power to make the welder's wish in their hearts come true, but is even the truth at all? Trace's wish is futile and silly. He wishes for everyone to live in good health and prosperity. If I were chosen, I would have said that I would use the keyblade to go back in time to undo this wretched future. I don't care if everything fades away. What good was it for me to live?

After everyone had finished, Trace was given the keyblade. With it, he struck the door of Castle Mordan, proposing it to be open for all to view. Tai, knowing that he is not suppose to enter the village, put on his black robe and walked through the village and into the castle. Now Castle Mordan was an ancient structure of unknown origins. No one knows where it truly came from. What they did know was that it was a castle that mysteriously showed up 50 years ago during the great war. The contents within it were collected by who the castle was named after before his disappearance 30 years ago: Professor Mordan; as they held relics from worlds that no longer existed. From a measly paint brush with dried out thinner and paint, to a room of ten pedestals with a mural on the center wall. Each pedestal having a symbol that resembled a heart. The mural resembled a woman wearing a silver tiara and a black heart mask on her head with a grey dress and a heart shaped hole on her left breast. She was sitting down on what appeared to be a throne, holding a long scythe as a specter to proclaim her power over all who were below her. A perfect portrait for mocking those who entered the room.

Wow! She's beautiful, but why is she so pale? Her hair is silver and her skin appears to be white as snow. I don't know the color of her eyes because of the mask on her face, but because it only covers her eyes I know that her favorite color lipstick is blue. As if I had anything better to look at. What man would fall for that type of woman anyway? She kind of looks like a kid.

He then looked at the letters under the mural. According to the elders, the mural had words that no one could read. However, Tai was the only one who could understand what they were saying.

"The Empress of Darkness? Bizarre... at least I know now why she looks inhuman. Too bad those old dust bags know nothing about her. I wonder... could she have been the ruler of this castle? And if so, when and where did it come from? Also, what are these pillars for? They appear to be for ten items to be placed on them."

~Patty's side~

As the pre cautious Patty entered into the cloudy world, she took notice of the people who passed by holding swords and those sitting on the sidewalk looking to the sky. small, broken buildings ran through the street she walked on. Walking through, she saw in the distance a large crowd gathering around the center area of the world. As she walked in the general direction, a man stopped her from getting closer.

"Whoa there son. You don't want to go over there."

"Why not? What's going on?"

"You must not be from around here. If you were, you would have gotten the news that a dangerous criminal has been caught and is now being fed to the heartless. Then again, he had it coming. All those people who ran into him and bumped the side of his emerald sword died within a few second without him drawing it. He must be some vicious monster from one of those rogue worlds. Good thing no one will be seeing his golden hair top around here again." Patty's heart started to race from the man's words as a flashback of her brother's voice echoed in her mind while she took off to find him. In the distance, walls were crashing down, roads were being destroyed, and cheers were filling the air.

"Take good care of Patty okay? Make sure she does her work. I want my sister to be the greatest queen anyone has ever seen before. Just like our Grandmother."

"Wait Lord Raymond. What about you? You're the destined king of the family."

"The public doesn't trust me, remember? Our mother abandon Patty when she only three and took me to live in a poor part of our kingdom. Recalling that moment, they only see a garbage man... me. Which is why when Patty turns 16, I want you to find her a faithful husband who would do well as a king. I'm going to be turning over my title soon and leaving this place. It's clear to me the elders don't want me around, so it's best that when I turn 18 that I depart rather than take the throne. Besides, I think the public would want that as well."

"Lord Raymond..."

"I'm counting on you, okay? I'm heading to Last Resort. You do where that world is, right?"

"Oh my Lord! Don't go there! That place is the meeting ground of the past and present. No one as faithful as you should step forth in such a place. You would disappear for good if they found out who you were."

"I know. I'm heading there to make sure they keep their hands off of Patty because I know when the time comes, they'll come after her. You must protect her for me. Promise me."

As she weaved her way through the thick crowd, there it was. The view for all to see. A giant heartless lifted his large hand up above the people, holding the limp body of the young man that had been caught. After the heartless dropped him and disappeared, Priscilla ran to the body, as she had recognized the individual to be her brother.

"Raymond! Raymond! Oh no... his heart is gone... Raymond..."

As she weeped over his body, the crowd looked at her confused.

"Whose this little brat? Should we call the heartless back to take care of him as well?"

"Why bother? He would get crushed faster! There's nothing less entertaining than watching a weakling get crushed. At least the poor sap before him put up a fight. Besides, if we leave, I'm sure the heartless will come back and finish the job."

The clouds then roared and cracked. It started raining. With this, the crowd calmed down and looked at the sky. A man wearing a black robe then approached her as the crowd scattered after watching Raymond being smashed around like a rag doll.

"What's the matter child?"

She turned to the man and wiped her eyes.

"My brother... the heartless... they got my brother! What am I going to do now? He's gone forever!"

"Is he child? Or is he still alive but unable to upon his eyes?"

"What are you saying?"

"Even those with strong hearts can survive the deepest depths of the darkness. If your brother's body is still here, then it means the heartless could not completely consume him like other humans here. What am I saying, you ask? I am telling you that there is a way to save your brother from being swallowed whole into the shadows. If you wish to save him and bring him back, then you must go to the land where he could be in. You know this land because it is the same one that caused every world to merge together as one: KINGDOM HEARTS!"

She looked at him in fear.

"Kingdom... hearts? You want me... to go to the world of the Queen of the shadows and save him there? That's suicide! First of all, Only those chosen by the keyblade can go through that place and let's be honest, there hasn't been a chosen Keyblade Master since that war 50 years ago."

"Child," He said placing his hand on her wet shoulder. "A Keyblade Master has already been chosen." She looked at him. "Castle Mordan. There, you will find him."

"Castle Mordan? But that's where Taisuke lives. Why do you know-" She looked around and saw that the strange was no longer around. The portal she saw before arriving to Last Resort was now in front of her again. "He's gone." She then looked at Raymond. "I better bring him with me." She then took the limp body and left for Castle Mordan. After jumping through, she felt her shoulders become light each step she took. As she looked at Raymond's body, she saw it fade into light particles. "Oh no! Raymond! What have I done?" She then looked at the destination in front of her. "Castle Mordan. It's my only hope of saving my brother. I must be brave. For his sake. Raymond, do not worry about me. When I find the chosen Keyblade Master, I will travel and find those responsible for sending that heartless to attack you. I promise you... revenge."

~Taisuke's side~

"Achoo!" Tai sniffled as he walked through the giant castle ruins. "Oh man. I normally don't do that unless I get a bad premonition. Or better yet, someone is walking over my grave."

"Tai, you can wear that robe all you want. You'll never fool me." Tai turned around. It was Trace. He stood away from him holding the key blade. "Why are you here, Tai? You know how crazy the people get whenever you're around."

"You don't have to remind me every time this happens." He brushed his sleeve with his hand. "It's odd. According to the legends, the key chooses its wielder based on their heart. So why it did not reject you when the elders placed it into your hands is a mystery all in itself."

"Not really kiddo. You see, ever since the passing of the original key bladers, the elders discovered that without any good hearts left, they had to choose one out based on their preference. In order for anyone to use the key, they had to place a spell on it so it would remain here than disappear. I was chosen by pure coincidence. Had you been there, I'm sure they would have chosen you as well."

"Not in a million years. Those old geezers need to kick the bucket, otherwise I won't be able to live in peace at all. You may not see, but I do. Those old jerks compromised their hearts to serving Kingdom Hearts. If they chose you, it means they're making you into a meal fresh for the queen of darkness. That is, if she ever returns."

"Say whatever you want Tai. Your opinion means nothing to the village."

"That's what I thought."

The sound of footsteps then followed behind Tai.

"Hi Trace. Congrats on earning the title. Wow! I wish I had the key blade. I could leave my parent's shrine and be free from that old family tradition once and for all."

Trace then put the keyblade down.

"Shalane. So great to see you."

"Same to you too. And... oh. Hello Tai."

Tai did not answer back, but slowly stepped back and walked away. As he left he heard someone scream.

~Both sides~

"Ah! It's the Queen of Darkness! She's here!" A follow up of gasps and awe soon drew the attention to the room where the pedestals were. Tai walked over to the room, weaving through the crowd to see what was going on. One of the Elders, pushed him aside to see the person on the ground. "Elder! cast a spell or something before she gets up!"

"What happened here?"

"I don't know Elder! I was just staring at this giant mural when this black hooded stranger came through. However, I know it's a girl! See for yourself and you will know as well."

The hooded figure then picked themselves up and looked at the crowd. They then called out.

"Goodness, where did this crowd come from? Is this Castle Mordan or a large hotel?" Tai recognized the voice. gently pushing people aside, he made his way to the figure. The figure looked at him. "There you are! You told me to come here to save my brother. What did I do wrong, mister? My brother faded while I walked through the path carrying him." She looked at him and then looked at the face peaking through the hood. Tai took his index finger and put it close to his lips. He then took his hand and held Patty's arm to guide her to the second floor of the castle. As he left, the Elder, put his staff out.

"Halt! Who are you? And why are you here in Castle Mordan? Identify yourself!"

Patty looked at the mean looking old man and his shrine clothes. She knew he was an elder that looked over the village she traveled to so she knew right away that she was in the right place.

"I... am a messenger." The Elder looked at her with widen eyes. "I have come here to bear a message to the one you named the key blade's chosen one. Where is he? Let me see him."
The Elder then pointed at Trace, who was speaking to Shalane outside of the room she had arrived in. The figure then looked at Tai. He shook his head side to side. Seeing this, she looked at the Elder. "Forgive me. I must have come at a bad time. For now, until I have recovered my power, let me see the inside of this Castle ruins. By doing so, I will assist the first path the Keyblade Master must go to in order to save us from the Queen of Darkness." The people then nodded their heads and slowly scattered away from her and Tai, who was still holding her hand. She looked at him again. "You can let go of my hand now Tai. I know it's you."

"Patty, what are you doing here? Where's Raymond?"

She looked down.

"My brother... has been taken by the heartless, Tai. I have no one left to go to. The Elders back at castle Cornell can't help me. It is clear to me from the start that they have gone to the side of Kingdom Hearts. They desire to be at the side of the Queen when she returns."

"Don't blame you on that one. The Elders here are doing the same thing as well. I don't get it. How can they want the Keyblade Master to save us from Kingdom Hearts when they're siding with the enemy to save themselves, but not the people they were suppose to protect? That makes no sense."

"Well, whatever the answer is, I don't know either. Anyhow, I'm glad you're here. I need your help. A figure told me to come to Castle Mordan to save my brother, but I don't want to take that Keyblade Master with me."

"Why not? Trace seems to be fool proof. He's the dream person everyone wants. A strong, young man with a cool leveled head representing hope for the future. Even thought they're destroying their future by listening to the Elders."

"You see Tai," She lifted her head up. "I can feel it. I can feel the Key's power. I've had this power since I was just a baby. My grandmother said it was a gift from my father, who I've never actually met at all. It's resonating, but not strong enough. I think the Elders might have chosen the wrong person for the job. Despite the fact that the original Keyblade Master departed and left his weapon with this village 50 years ago, it won't help anyone if the key isn't in the true wielder's hands. Besides, I need that key to help me find a way to bring my brother back. If that man isn't the chosen one, then we got to take the key back and find the true owner for the weapon."

"Patty, I'd love to help you, but you see I want nothing to do with that accursed key. You're going to have to steal it back yourself."

He crossed his arms while Patty placed her hands on her hips and scowled him.

"Okay! Be that way! I was going to help you accomplish the desire of your heart by changing history, since the blade has that power to, but seeing that you don't want to help me-"

"Wait! How are you certain that the Key blade can do that?"

"My grandmother Sylvia has a thick tome full of history lying on the library shelf untouched for 30 years until I read it during her absence six years ago. I've read it about three times now. It was pretty boring, but at least I know what we need to fulfill the desires of our hearts. The keyblade."

"Okay. I'm convinced. All we have to do is wait for Trace to fumble the Keyblade and then we run off with it. One question, he carries it around where ever he goes. How are we going to get it away from him?"

"Act normal."

"How do you do that?"

"Look at the artifacts here Tai. There are relics from fallen worlds here. We need to appear to be examining them in order to wait for the opportunity. You see?"

"Okay. I guess."

"Good. Now come with me. There's something I want to see."

She then took off for the second floor. Tai tailed her until they reached the mural that she had gone through. They removed their hoods.

"You wanted to see this mural? Why?"

"Because look at her Tai. According to the writing here, this must be what the Queen of Darkness looks like in real life. Now it is true that no one has ever seen what she has looked liked because they have never seen her depart from her place in Kingdom Hearts. However, from the paint brush strokes here, there must have been a painter somewhere before our time that saw what she looked liked and made this mural. Also, the words resting underneath might be in a different language, but I can read it as well. It's in Latin though. Something I seldomly speak unless I'm training with my guards at Castle Cornell. If we can get the key from Trace, we can use it to enter Kingdom Hearts to get my brother back, while you can find a way to alter time so that the curse can be removed, alright?" A ringing sound then befell the whole castle. Suddenly, the lights went out. "Oh no! A power outage? Why now?"

"Calm down Patty. I have a lighter in my pocket that was from my adopted father. Let me get it out." As he repeatedly tried to use the lighter, Patty jolted and let out a shriek. "What's wrong?" He finally got the flame to light.

"Tai, I think someone is following us." She shivered. "Just now, I felt someone breath on my shoulders."

Tai looked around, moving the lighter slowly in the room.

"I don't see anyone. There's probably a draft somewhere around here that made you feel that. If someone is here, then we need to run. None of us have any weapons."

He then turned to the mural. On the grey dress was a message written in what appeared to be blue paint.

Do you desire something?

Patty jumped back surprised.

"What? Where did those words come from?"

Then the words changed and said: Come to us.

Tai looked at the door and then at the floor. Blue and green foot prints were trailing through the door.

"What the? What is this?"

As both Tai and Patty walked out of the room, the ground then started rippling with blue liquid. As it expanded, the two teens jumped on opposite sides as the liquid then turned into a wall. Separated, they called to each other.


"I'm okay! What the heck is going on? Where did this wall come from?"

"I don't know. Maybe when the people entered the castle, it might have woken the curse that probably was sleeping here for the last 50 years. I don't know if that's true, but I see no other way that it could be a lie. Grandma warned me about this Castle's history and to never go anywhere near it. I got a bad vibe about this. We need to find another way back to each other."


~Taisuke's side~

As they departed, Tai ran to the first floor to find a stairway back to Patty. As he ran he started to notice that the people that were viewing the artifacts were no longer there. Trace was gone as well as Shalane. However, the Keyblade was left behind. As he walked over to examine the Keyblade, he realized that the Keyblade was in the same area that Trace put it down to talk to Shalane.

"I don't know where everyone else went, but I guess they won't be needing this anymore."

As he picked up the large key, green words appeared in front of him on the wall: Hello Tai.

"What do you want now? To tell me something that no one else knows?"

Of course. I've known about you since your birth.

"Whatever. Say what you want, but if Trace isn't here, it means he wasn't the destined one for the key, was he?"

He never was. You were. Why do you think all those people except you and your cousin disappeared when the darkness came through? It's because you are the chosen one.


~Patty's side~

"I can't see anything. Could it kill them to use candles?" Tiny burst of little flames broke the darkness on the Candelabras. "Oh. That was kind of them. Now, where is Tai?" As she walked down the corridor, she started to notice that the artifacts looked different than before. The Paint brush at the end of the corridor, as well as the paint and thinner cups, looked restored to their normal form and the cups looked full of the contents within. The tip of the brush had color on it. Patty looked at the name. "The paint brush and paint and thinner cups of Yen Cid? Whose that? Funny, the color of the thinner and paint look like the liquids Tai and I saw in the room with the pedestals. I wonder..."

She removed the brush off the stand, causing the cups of paint and thinner to disappear. As she looked at the brush in her hand, words then appeared on the wall.

Good choice. That will provide useful for the test you shall undergo, your highness.

"Huh? A test?"

That's right. Two Keyblade Masters... One born from the darkness while the other born of the light... One would open the door to the forbidden kingdom... while the other would help the Queen return to her rightful throne... and consume the remaining worlds... into the abyss.

"What? That can't be right! Wasn't a Keyblade Master already chosen here? I didn't hear anything about the second one being found!"

Yes... The two Keyblade Masters have long been chosen... before they had arrived... One was born in a distant land and brought here through tragedy... while the other was born into royalty...

"Wait a minute! One born in a distant land that was brought here... that sounds like Tai! That's impossible!"

Do you doubt me? The door next to the mantle were the paint brush once rested opened up. Step into the Darkness... Patty then entered into the door. As she walked the walls continued writing to her. There you will see... that one's reason will be taken by the light... while the other... will by swallowed into the darkness...


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