Kid (Formerly) Who Now Goes By Her Real Name Angel Rose Angel Wears An White Tubetop Which Showed Her White Stomach She Wore An Purple Circle Necklace She Had Long Yellow Hair Which Was Spiked Up Into A Ponytail She Wore An Gold/Red Jacket And Wore Yellow/Gold Shorts And Dark Brown Gloves And Dark Brown Sandals She Had Dark Blue Eyes With Black Irises

Chrono Cross Universe

Angel, Michelle, Jessica, Amanda, Kathleen, Lauren And Kirsten Rose Rushed Across The Lands To Find The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) Who In This Universe Is Much Different From His WWF Counterpart Angel Finds Her Two Friendly Sisters (Rachael And Maria Rose) They Rushed Off But An Evil Force Kept Trying To Shoot Them With The Poisonious Darts But Ends Up Missing Them Since They Are Faster Than It Was They Came Across The Castle Inside It Was The Undertaker Hanging On The Wall Dead Angel Instantly Realized That Something Wasn't Quite Right

Chrono Cross (Comics)

In 1995 Konami Released Chrono Cross: The Comic Series Which Ironically Had An All Female Cast Of Characters New Characters Included Alexandra Roberts-An Expert Female Sword Fighter Layla Adams-An Great Mage/Warrior Desiree Rose-An Great Spellcaster/Sorceress They Were On The Good Side There Were Evil Female Villains As Well Angel's Role In The Comics Was That Of An Young Spellcaster And Sorceress In Training Angel Acquired New Abilities And Skills That Would Help Her Out In The Long Run


Angel Rose Grew Up As An Spellcaster/Sorceress She Had The Potential

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