Kenai found a magic lamp with two genies named Rutt and Tuke. Will Kenai win the heart of Princess Nita with their help? And what happens when The Bear makes his move?


Aladdin- Kenai (As a bear)(Brother Bear)

Princess Jasmine - Nita (As a bear)(Brother Bear 2)

Abu- Koda (Brother Bear 2)

Genie- Rutt and Tuke (both from Brother Bear)

Carpet- Author's choice

Sultan- Author's choice

Rajah- Author's choice

Jafar- The Bear (The Fox and the Hound)

Iago- Author's choice

Razoul, Captain of the Guards- Author's choice

Other Guards- Author's choice

Prince Achmed- Author's choice

Gazeem the Thief- Author's choice

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