Oh, how Kayla wished she could really whistle like all of the other young girl kids.

She saw a young girl playing with her puppy dog.

Whenever the young girl whistled real loud, the puppy dog ran straight to her.

Kayla tried and tried very hard to whistle, but she couldn't.

So instead, she began turning herself around-----around and around she twirled.......faster and faster.......when she stopped.......everything else turned down.......and up.......and up.......and down.......and around.......and around.

Kayla saw her white puppy dog, Snowflake coming.

Fast as a wink, she hid right into an empty carton that was lying on the sidewalk.

"Wouldn't it be hilarious if I just whistled?" Kayla thought. "Then Snowflake would stop to look around to see who it was."

Kayla tried very hard again to whistle, but she still couldn't.

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