TV Series (Cartoon)

Main Characters

Kate The Cat-Kate Is An Light Brown Cat With Light Brown Eyes Wears An Yellow Tanktop Which Showed Her Light Brown Stomach She Wears Light Blue Jeans And Black Shoes She Has Light Red Long Hair She Had An Light Brown Tail

Kirsten Cow-Kirsten Has White Skin Which Has Black Spots On It She Has Yellow Horns Light Brown Eyes She Wears An Dark Blue Tanktop, Dark Grey Shorts And Black Sandals She Has Long Black Hair

Esther The Hedgehog-Esther Has Yellow Eyes Red Fur And Long Red Ponytail She Wears An Short Sleeve White Shirt Which Showed Her Red Stomach, White With Black Pattern Skirt And White High Heels

Rebecca Deer-She Is Brown She Has Red Eyes She Wears An Dark Brown Tanktop Which Shows Her Brown Stomach Dark Green Skirt And Black Sandals

Samantha The Bat-She Is Light Red She Has Yellow Eyes She Wears Rouge's Outfit With White High Heels And Bat Wings

Sonic SATAM Characters

Season 1 Episode 1: Robotnik's New Plan (1993-94)

  • 12:00 At Kate's Detective Agency Base In Westside Island*

Kate The Cat: *Wakes Up* Top Of The Morning To You All

Kirsten Cow: Morning

Esther The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Morning

Rebecca Deer: Good Morning Kate

Samantha The Bat: Good Morning

Kate The Cat: Find Out Anything?

Kirsten Cow: Robotnik's Gonna Blow Up Mobius

Kate The Cat: Yikes We Must Stop Him

Kirsten Cow: Exactly

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