Julie by pollitle
Julie Ann Michaels She Is The Daughter Of WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels She Had Green Ponytail Hair, Green Eyes Wore An White Tanktop That Had Access Denied Sign On It Which Showed Her Stomach Dark Blue Shorts Purple High Socks With Metal Knee Pads And Purple/Metal Shoes She Wears An Pink Thong And Dark Purple Jacket She Is Jonathan's Best Friend They Go Back Ever Since They Were Kids

Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie)

Julie Appeared In Issue # 1: The Death Egg Saga And Story 2: The Egg Legion Is Formed Julie Often Serves As Jonathan's Faithful Partner And Girlfriend More Often Then Not Julie Helps Jonathan Out Very Often Julie Can Be Very Useful Julie Uses Her Fighting Skills To Help Out She Developed An Crush On Jonathan


She Is Very Humble, Kind, Caring And Sweet Girl She Will Do Anything To Protect Jonathan And Natalya From Evil

Comic Book Appearances

Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie) As A Exclusive Character As Jonathan's Sidekick

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