Judah is a Velociraptor from the fanfiction series, A Sharptooth's Heart belonging to A Sharptooth's Heart creator, Sora W.T.K..

Physical description

Judah is the leader of the Toviel pack and Yu's father. He is a green Velociraptor with blue strikes from his neck down his back and his tail. He's by far the oldest member of his pack, but also the strongest and formidable of the pack.


Judah can be pretty tough and cold, but deep down he has a soft side for his fellow members of the pack and, above all else, toward his only son, Yu. He's very strict but can be quite forgiving to mistakes and failures. He can be very protective with his son, which sometimes lead to his son rebelling at times.


Judah's father was leader of the pack well before him, and he too soon rose up to the throne, following his father's footsteps. Not soon after taking up leadership of the pack did he met his mate, love at first sight as they might say.

However, soon the peace shattered when the Toviel's pack rival, the Sodom, engaged in conflict. This soon led to combat, which in due time took the life of Judah's mate shortly after the hatching of their egg, Yu.

The loss of his mate struck the leader hard, which resulted in the over protective nature toward his only son, unintentionally growing a trait in Yu in which he would attack anything that would've gotten close to the raptor...