Cartoon Series Based On Jonathan The Hedgehog Video Game Franchise

Main Characters (The Freedom Fighters)

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Emily The Hedgehog-Jonathan Transforms Into Emily The Hedgehog Who Is An Badass Biker Girl Wearing Her Black Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans With Flames On It Black Shoes And Taped Gloves And Wears An Badana Over Her Ponytail She Also Has An Motorcycle That Can Fly And Shoot Weapons From It She Wears An Leather Jacket Over Her Tanktop Her Motorcycle With An Push An Button Can Turn Into An Sports Car Which Has Weapons Installed Emily Is Sweet And Kind And Considerate And Helpful Fun Fact She Is Jonathan's Sister Jonathan In This Series Is More Determined Than Ever

Honey The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Red Wears An Maroon Ski Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach Orange/Yellow Belt Black Jeans, Black Taped Gloves She Wears Black Shoes

Katelyn The Hedgehog-Katelyn Actually Is An Great Mechanic She Can Build And Fix Things

Eve The Hedgehog

Lindsay The Hedgehog

Trixie The Hedgehog

Trina The Hedgehog

Destiny The Hedgehog

Tahra The Hedgehog

Kirsten The Hedgehog

Violet The Hedgehog (Purple Female Hedgehog An Member Of The Hedgehog Kingdom)

The Hedgehog Kingdom (Melissa The Hedgehog (Leader And Queen Of The Kingdom), Becky The Hedgehog, Wind The Hedgehog, Esther The Hedgehog, Roksana The Hedgehog, Sarah The Hedgehog, Willow The Hedgehog, Aby The Hedgehog, Megan The Hedgehog, Venus The Hedgehog, Shade The Hedgehog, Vanessa The Hedgehog And Kathleen The Hedgehog And Skylet The Hedgehog (Tahra's Younger Sister) They Are Jonathan's Sisters

Mery The Hedgehog Jr-Mery Has Some Of Jonathan's, Shade's, Mery's And Megan's Abilities Combined She Is One Strong Female Always Comes Up With Great Escape Plans

Kayla The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Purple She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach And Wears Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes Her Hair Is Of That Of Shade's She Is Also Emily's Genie She Is Jonathan's Younger Sister

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Would Later Join Jonathan And Friends In Scene 3 She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes She Is Dark Purple With Her Long Purple Tail Sticking Out

All Mobians (Mery Jr Is One Of Jonathan's Allies)


Dr. Robotnik-The Mad Scientist



Marie The Hedgehog

Kimberly The Hedgehog

Kimmy The Hedgehog

Abby The Hedgehog

Maggie The Hedgehog

Lixes The Hedgehog

Lisa The Hedgehog

Mery The Hedgehog

Susanna The Hedgehog

Maria The Hedgehog

Tabitha The Hedgehog-She Serves As Jessica's Replacement She Is Very Intelligent And Loyal To Robotnik

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Other Starting Characters

Mariah The Hedgehog-Mariah Is Emily's Cousin Who Is Also An Badass Biker Girl Wearing Her Black Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans With Flames On It Black Shoes And Taped Gloves And Wears An Badana Over Her Ponytail She Also Has An Motorcycle That Can Fly And Shoot Weapons From It She Wears An Leather Jacket Over Her Tanktop Her Motorcycle With An Push An Button Can Turn Into An Sports Car Which Has Weapons Installed Mariah Refers Herself As Emily's Younger Sister That Plays An Vital Role

Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog-An Mysterious Young Female From What We Gather Sunset Wears An Attractive Maid Outfit Which Shows Her Dark Purple Stomach She Wears Blue Sunglasses (It's Pretty Obvious That She Is Blind) Blue/White Skirt She Wears White Gloves Which Have An Blue Thing Attached To Them She Has Aqua Blue Eyes Dark Brown Chin Long Wavy Dark Purple Hair She Wears Dark Blue Boots With Golden Lines On Them Sunset Eclipse's Bio: Sunset Is Very Intelligent Rarely Does She Get Herself Lost Inadvertantly Sunset Can Really Use Her Weapons Very Well And Is The Cousin Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog-His Fur Color Is Dark Blue With Black Quills With White Chest Fur Yellow Inhibitor Rings Dark Blue/Red/Black Turbo Skates And An Aqua Blue Chaos Emerald In His Possession In This State Jonathan Is Invincible From All Attacks He Appears In All Episodes He Is Activated By "Ultimate Trigger" Which Turns Jonathan Into Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog Instantly He Has Red Eyes

Purity LJF4-She Is Becky's Hidden Super Form To Some Extent Purity Is A Great Character Especially She Knows What To Do And When To Attack Her Appearance Is Somewhat Different She Has Long Green Quills Which Are Covered By Her Red Hairband She Wears An Red Short Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Green Stomach She Wears And Black/Yellow Belt Red Jeans And Has Turbo Sneakers On Her Feet She Has Red Eyes Which Is Unusual For Her She Is Activated By Becky's Super Trigger

Golden Jessica The Hedgehog-The Powerful Super Form Of Jessica The Hedgehog Activated By Super Trigger

Midnight Emily The Hedgehog-This Is More Of An Knight Form For Emily The Hedgehog She Is Fully Covered Wearing Her Knight Costume And Armor She Is Activated By Emily's Necklace "The Midnight"

Spinda The Echidna-Is She Good Or Evil Or Neutral? Spinda Can Answer That Question By Saying "I'm A Good Person" Spinda Has And Yellow/Light Purple Hairpiece That Covers Her Red Head She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Red Stomach, White Jean Pants Black Taped Gloves And Red Sneakers She Is Often Seen Hanging Out With The Hedgehogs As Their Secondary Mechanic Which Spinda Is Great At Her Hyper Form Is "Hyper Spinda" Which Spinda Is Flashing Different Colors

Layla The Hedgehog-Based Off On Layla El From WWE She Looks And Talks Like Layla Herself But She Is An English Girl Wearing Her Black Tubetop Showing Her Stomach, Black Jeans And Black Sandals And Has Tan Fur

AJ Lee The Hedgehog-An Fascinating Character Who Is Based Off On AJ Lee From WWE She Looks And Talks Like AJ Herself But Is A Very Kind And Caring Hedgehog In These Series

Season 1 (1993) Episode 1: Heads Or Tails

  • In Knothole Village*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Sunset That Looks Awesome

Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog: Me And Katelyn Here Were Working On It It's Our Newest Plane We Called It "The Sunset Eclipse X5"

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Awesome

Spinda The Echidna: *Smiles* Greetings Let Me Introduce Myself I'm Spinda The Echidna I Moved From Angel Island To Here Hoping To Help Out With The Plane Project

Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog: We Could Use Your Help We Just Needed To Add More Features

Katelyn The Hedgehog: We've Just Added Features To It

  • The Plane Is Finally Finished*

Spinda The Echidna: It's Complete Luckily I Installed Some Important Updates

Emily The Hedgehog: Oh Thank Goodness Is It Ready For Test Run?

Spinda The Echidna: Yep We Should Be Ready For Take Off

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed Everyone Hop On The Plane

  • Everyone Hops On The Plane*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Sitting Next To Spinda The Echidna* Who's The Pilot?

Emily The Hedgehog: I Am *Gets Into The Pilot's Seat* Everyone Ready?

Jessica The Hedgehog: I'm Ready

Emily The Hedgehog: Alright Then *Puts On Her Goggles* Let's Fly!!!!! *Starts The Plane*

  • The Plane Stutters*

Emily The Hedgehog: Hmm It Seems Like It Needs The 7 Chaos Emeralds To Power It Up Jonathan Could You Go Fetch Me The 7 Chaos Emeralds

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Sure Why Not I'll Take Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog, Mariah The Hedgehog And Jessica The Hedgehog With Me

Emily The Hedgehog: Great Idea

  • They Walk Into The Forest*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Grabs The Chaos Emeralds* Bingo *Tosses Them Into Jessica's Backpack*

Jessica The Hedgehog: Perfect Timing

  • They Walk Back To The Plane*

Emily The Hedgehog: Oh Goody Goody You Brought Them All Now Let's Put Them In The Power Tank Supply

  • Minutes Later*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay It Should Be Ready To Power Up

Emily The Hedgehog: *Puts On Her Goggles* Let's Roll *Starts The Plane*

  • The Plane Powers Up*

Emily The Hedgehog: *Grabs Onto The Wheel* Here We Go

  • The Plane Takes Off Into The Sky*

Jessica The Hedgehog: So Now That We're All Together What Should We Do

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Looking Down Using His Binoculars* What The? I Sense Danger Down There

Emily The Hedgehog: *Piloting The Plane* What Do You See

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I See An Bunch Of Rebels Down There Causing Havoc Wait I'm Getting Word That They Are The Anti-Freedom Fighters

Jessica The Hedgehog: There's Other Ways To Take Them Out

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah Wait Emily Don't You Have An Laser That Can Take Them Out

Emily The Hedgehog: *Piloting The Plane* *Smiles* I Have An Cannon Which Works Just Like The Laser But Is Far More Powerful Than The Laser

Jonathan The Hedgehog: That Works

Layla The Hedgehog: This Works Well

Emily The Hedgehog: *Piloting The Plane* Let's Fire It *Presses Button*

  • The Cannon Launches The Lasers*
  • BOOM*

Layla The Hedgehog: Yay

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Mobius Needs An King An True King

Spinda The Echidna: *Smiles* I Personally Think You'd Make An Excellent King For Mobius What Do You Think Emily

Emily The Hedgehog: *Piloting The Plane* I Agree Jonathan Is More Logical As King

AJ Lee The Hedgehog: I Think I'd Make An Great Queen

Layla The Hedgehog: *Laughs* Oh AJ We Love You So Much For Your Funny Personality I Think We'd Make Great Queens With Jonathan As The King

Emily The Hedgehog: Actually We're All Queens And Jonathan Is The King *Piloting The Plane*

  • Poof*

Layla: What The? We Were Just In Our Hedgehog Forms Now This?

AJ Lee: Well I Didn't See That Coming

Emily The Hedgehog: *Piloting The Plane* Two Girls That Could Be Useful

Season 1 (1993) Episode 2: Jonathan Past Cool

  • In Mobius*
  • The Trumpets Begin To Play*

Rotor Walrus: All Hail The Great King Jonathan The Hedgehog

  • In The Dressing Room*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: With Me Now In Power I Can Limit What Robotnik Can Do *Wearing The King's Outfit*

AJ Lee: Agreed

Layla: With Us Helping You You Should Be Able To Get The Mobians On Your Side

  • Jonathan Is Wearing An King's Royal Outfit With His Stick In Hand As He Sits On His Throne*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Greetings Fellow Mobians Robotnik Has Been Attacking Mobius These Past Few Days So I Taken The Liberty Of Organizing An Security Team To Make Sure That Robotnik Doesn't Destroy Mobius

Amy Rose: But Your Majesty What About You?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Good Point Hmm I Could Always Attack From Behind

Amy Rose: Would It Help If We Attacked From Behind Alongside You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yes It Would

Amy Rose: Ooh Ooh *Smiles* I Got The Perfect Idea What If We Female Hedgehogs Sided With You

Shadow: And We Sided With King Sonic

King Sonic: Great Idea What Do You Think?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Great Idea!!!! It'll Balance It Out

Rosy The Rascal: Ooh We're Being Jonathan's Loyal Servants

Shade The Hedgehog: Wait What? Since When Did Jonathan Became King? I Lost Track

Rosy The Rascal: Just This Week He Was Appointed King

Shade The Hedgehog: Oh Yeah I Remember Now

  • Inside Jonathan The Hedgehog's Castle*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Really Think It's An Bad Idea

Rosy The Rascal: *Smiles* Not Really Me And Spinda Had Came Up With An Brilliant Idea To Defend Our Post From Robotnik And The Swatbots

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay Then

Spinda The Echidna: I See The Swatbots Coming

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