Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Darkspine Jonathan The Hedgehog-His Darkspine Form Is Achieved By Using 3 World Rings His Theme Is "Seven Rings In Hand" His Voice Is Much Gruffier Than Normal

Erazor Dijinn/Alf-Wa-Layla-Wa-Layla

Shahra The Genie Of The Ring-She Is Light Tan She Wears An Belly Dancer's Outfit And Has Pink Hair She Is Jonathan's Genie And Grants Him Wishes

Nikki The Hedgehog-She Also Has Black Long Hair With Red Quills Red Eyes With Black Irises She Also Wears An Red Tanktop That Shows Her Black Boobs And Stomach She Wears Red Underwear The Difference Here Is Nikki Doesn't Wear Spikes Much Like Shade Herself Rather Nikki Wears Casual Clothing She Also Wears Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes She Also Has Red Wristbands And Wears White Gloves Her Darkspine Form Is Darkspine Nikki The Hedgehog

Carla The Hedgehog/Darkspine Carla The Hedgehog

Rachael The Hedgehog/Darkspine Rachael The Hedgehog

Ashley The Hedgehog/Darkspine Ashley The Hedgehog

Amy Rose The Genie Of The Ring-Amy Is More Powerful Than Before Is The 2nd Genie That Appears In The Movie

Sarah Djinn-The Daughter Of Erazor Unlike Erazor Who Is An Mean Genie Often Makes Insults Which At Times Almost Causes Jonathan To Transform Into Darkspine Jonathan The Hedgehog She Is Gentle, Sweet, Kind, Helpful, Polite, Friendly, Cute, Hot, Sexy And Attractive Genie She, Elizabeth, Amber, Jessica, Julie And Alyssa Djinn Decided To Help Jonathan She Took Out The Fire That Was In Jonathan's Body

Elizabeth Djinn

Amber Djinn

Jessica Djinn

Julie Djinn

Alyssa Djinn

Scene 1: The Arabian Nights Pages Tearing Off

  • In The Storybook Arabian Nights*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Sleeping*

Amy Rose The Genie Of The Ring: *Smiles* Oh Jonathan Wake Up I Bet If I Kissed Him He Would Wake Up *Kisses Jonathan*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Wakes Up* Amy You Look Sexy Today

Amy Rose The Genie Of The Ring: *Smiles And Blushes* Oh Thanks For The Compliment Erazor's Tearing Pages Off Of Arabian Nights

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Is That So? We Must Stop Him

Sarah Djinn: I Concur

Elizabeth Djinn: We'll Assist You On Your Journey

Shahra The Genie Of The Ring: I See Somebody Decided To Wake Up *Smiles* The Arabian Nights Is In Danger

Jonathan The Hedgehog: We Will See Who's Tough After I Get Through With Erazor

Shahra The Genie Of The Ring: Oh Dear We Must Tag Along To Ensure Your Safety

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed I Must Get The 7 World Rings And Bring Them Back To Erazor Pronto Or We Could

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