Main Characters Iblis The Hedgehog/Iblis The Flame-She Has An Weird Quills And Spike Design

Anne The Hedgehog-She (In Her Crystalize Form) Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Godmother/Sister She Wears The Same Clothes  As Anne She Is Always Happy To Help Out And Give Support To Jonathan's Cause She Is Very Beautiful And Attractive To Jonathan She Has Mephiles's Spikes And Quills She Serves As An Good Person The Difference Here Is She Can't Melt She Has Mephiles Fur Color She Is Known As Crystalized Anne The Hedgehog Or Just Anne The Hedgehog (Which She Prefers) She Has Red Eyelids, Green Eyes And Black Pupils

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Anne The Hedgehog Jr-The Dangerous Ultimate Lifeform Anne Jr Looks Like Anne In Appearance She Is Also Crystalize As Well

Anna The Hedgehog

Abby The Hedgehog

Elizabeth The Hedgehog

Melody The Hedgehog

Jessica The Hedgehog

Desiree The Hedgehog

Katie The Hedgehog

Rose The Hedgehog

Scene 1: Jonathan's Adventure

  • In The Woods*

Anne The Hedgehog: *Flying* So What Are We Supposed To Do Again?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I'm Not Sure

Anne The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm Made Out Of Crystal

Iblis The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm A Female And Boy I Look Good

Rose The Hedgehog: I Can See Why We Must Be Involved

Anne The Hedgehog: I Agree But I Need My Cookies *Smiles* You Know I Must Have My Cookies At All Times

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Here's Your Cookies *Gives Her Cookies*

Anne The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yay!!!! *Eats Cookies*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Dammit It's Cold Out Here Where In The Heck Are We?

Jessica The Hedgehog: I'd Say We're In Either Westopolis Or Flame Core

Abby The Hedgehog: From The Looks Of It We're In Flame Core

Desiree The Hedgehog: Flame Core? Oh Dear

Elizabeth The Hedgehog: This Is Fascinating

Katie The Hedgehog: Agreed

Melody The Hedgehog: Agreed

Iblis The Hedgehog: I Can Sense Iblis Here *Smiles* I'm An Female

  • Iblis Rises From The Lava*

Iblis The Hedgehog: Stand Your Ground Hedgehogs

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right

Melody The Hedgehog: I Obviously Hadn't Seen Him Before

Iblis: *Roars* *Spits Out Fireballs*

Anne The Hedgehog: We Must Fight Him Together

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I'll Take Him On

Anne The Hedgehog: I Might Need To Help You Here *Smiles*

  • They Both Take On Iblis*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Anne Get Ready To Use Your Powers

Anne The Hedgehog: Right

  • They Beat Up Iblis*

Scene 2: Anne And Anne Jr Vs. The Suppression Squad

  • In The Woods*

Anne The Hedgehog: We're Probably Not Close To The Suppression Squad's Base

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Anne Mind If You Could Turn Me Into Anne Jr

Anne The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Certainly!!!!

  • Poof*

Anne The Hedgehog Jr: Oh Wow We Look Hot And Sexy Together

Anne The Hedgehog: Agreed We're Sexy And Cute

Anne The Hedgehog Jr: Wait I See Something

Katie The Hedgehog: We're Gonna Need To Take Them Out

Anne The Hedgehog Jr: We Should Probably Head For The Suppression Squad's Base

Anne The Hedgehog: Right *Floating* Agreed

Desiree The Hedgehog: We Might Need To Come As Standby

Anne The Hedgehog: Great Idea *Smiles* We Might Need Your Help

Katie The Hedgehog: Oh I See

Anna The Hedgehog: How Come We Wasn't Informed Earlier

Elizabeth The Hedgehog: Probably Because We Wasn't Told Earlier

Jessica The Hedgehog: Oh That Makes Sense

Anne The Hedgehog:

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