Comic Series

Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Jonathan Washington-Jonathan Is Now A Human

Fleetway Amy Rose-She Wears An White T-Shirt With An Heart On It Dark Blue Jeans And Red/Black Shoes She Has Two Wallets And Her Belt On Her Waist And Bullet Supply On Her Chest Area But Later On In Issue # 2 She Loves To Switch Things Up As She Is Now Wearing An White Tanktop With An Heart On It Showing Her Pink Stomach Green Skirt Shorts And Red Sandals She Would Be Jonathan's Faithful Companions She Was Drawn In Her Fleetway Design By Nigel Dobbyn Whereas Jonathan Himself Was Drawn In His Archie Design By Ian Flynn Jonathan In His Human Form Is Normal

All Sonic Characters/Villains Are Owned By Archie

Natalya Neidhart-She Now Appears In Every Issue Wearing Her White T-Shirt Which Showed Her Tan Belly Wearing An Black/Gold Belt Black Jeans And Black Sandals She Has Blond Hair With Pink Bangs She Becomes His Official Partner After Fleetway Amy Rose Turned Evil In Story 2 Leaving Jonathan And Natalya Newly Paired As They Combat Both Her And The Eggman Empire Jonathan Then Known As The Undertaker Decides To Pursue Fleetway Amy Rose Jonathan Is 6"10 And Weighs 328 Pounds And Is From Death Valley

Julie Michaels-She Had Green Ponytail Hair, Green Eyes Wore An White Tanktop That Had Access Denied Sign On It Which Showed Her Stomach Dark Blue Shorts Purple High Socks With Metal Knee Pads And Purple/Metal Shoes She Wears An Pink Thong And Dark Purple Jacket She Is Jonathan's Best Friend And Girlfriend

Shade The Hedgehog-Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth

Notable Debuts

Fleetway Amy Rose's Newly Upgraded And Updated Hidden Base Located In Lava Reef Zone

The Black/Red Tornado Bomber (Jonathan's Plane)

The Pink Submarine Bomber (Fleetway Amy Rose's Submarine)

Natalya Neidhart (First Official Appearance)

Julie Michaels (First Appearance)

Shade The Hedgehog (First Actual Appearance)

Jonathan The Hedgehog Issue # 1: The Death Egg Saga (1993-94)

Story 1: The Fall Of The Death Egg

  • Inside Fleetway Amy Rose's New Base In Lava Reef Zone*

Fleetway Amy Rose: *Smiles* Great News Jonathan

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What Is It

Fleetway Amy Rose: *Smiles* I Have The Chaos Emeralds In My Possession Now We Can Power The Cannon Let's Head To The Cannon Right Now!!!!

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay!!!!

  • At The Cannon*

Fleetway Amy Rose: Okay I Got The Chaos Emeralds Right Here All We Need To Do Is Put Them In The Cannon *Puts Them All In The Cannon* Now To Activate The Lasers  *Presses Button* Okay!!!! We're Set For Firing *Smiles* I Love This Part Jonathan If You Would

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right *Presses The Button*

  • Laser Is Fired*

Fleetway Amy Rose: Now We Wait *She Hears An Large Explosion Meaning The Death Egg Is Destroyed* *Smiles* Yay!!!! Our Goal Is Complete Now Then Let's Take An Ride In My Submarine We Got An Mission To Fulfill

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right

Natalya Neidhart: What's Going On Ooh *Smiles* This Must Be The Entrance To Fleetway Amy Rose's Base Located In Lava Reef Zone In A Big Brown Base How Convienent *Enters*

Fleetway Amy Rose: Oh Natalya It's You I Was Expecting You

Natalya Neidhart: *Smiles* Not After I Had To Weave Through Traffic In My Pink/Black Sports Car Just To Get Here

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Dear I Wonder How That Went

Natalya Neidhart: Unfortunately *Smiles* I Got A Speeding Ticket But That's Okay

  • Poof*

Jonathan: Hey I'm Human Yeah!!!!

Fleetway Amy Rose: Yay

Natalya Neidhart: *Smiles* Say Jonathan Wanna Ride In My Pink/Black Sports Car And Amy Can Take Her Submarine

Jonathan: Yeah

  • Minutes Later*

Natalya Neidhart: Here We Go!!!! *Pulls The Brakes Forward*

Story 2: The Egg Legion Empire Is Formed

Jonathan: Dammit This Is Worse Than I Thought

Natalya Neidhart: Yeah It's Worse Than It Appears It Seems Like We Must Round Up The Females To Help Us Combat The Egg Legion

Jonathan: Agreed

Julie-Su The Echidna: Might I Be Useful For Service *Smiles*

Jonathan: Yeah But We're Gonna Need More Females To Help Us

Lara-Su The Echidna: *Smiles* It's Time To Take An Stand Against The Egg Legion

  • Females Gather Around Them*

Rosy The Rascal: *Smiles* Of Course You're Gonna Need Our Help

Fiona Fox: Agreed

Mari-Su The Echidna: *Smiles* My Sleeper Gun Can Take Them Out

Buns Rabbot: We Got The Tools To Kick Some Ass

Julie Michaels: *Smiles* I Thought I'd Join In On This

Shade The Hedgehog: Jonathan Is That Even You? It's Hard To Believe You're A Human *Smiles*

Jonathan: Yeah I Know

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yeah I Agree

Jonathan: *Cracks His Knuckles* Let's Go!!!! CHARGE!!!!!

  • They Charge Toward The Egg Legion's Base*

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Looking Through Her Binoculars* WHAT!!!!! I See Intruders

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