Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Mecha Amy Rose V19-After Gathering The Remaining Pieces Of Robotnik's Broken Mechanical Robot (Metal Sonic) And Painted The Pieces Pink He Also Brought Powerful Upgrades And Updates And Abilities From The Store He Went To Work On His New Project He Had Her Data Tails Gave Him Extra Helpful Items That Would Help Him Out Greatly He Also Had Amy's Personality Chip He Went Straight To Work On His Project As A Result Mecha Amy Rose V13 Was Born She Had Powerful Upgrades And Updates, Abilities, Turbo Booster On Her Back Side And Turbo Jet Skates He Put The Personality Chip Inside Her Mecha Amy Rose V13 Awakened And Smiled At Jonathan And Hugged Him And The First Thing She Says Is "I Think I'd Make An Great Companion" Which She Would Make A Great Sidekick To Jonathan Because She Was More Powerful, Updated And Upgraded And Indestructible

Mecha Amy Rose V13-Jonathan's Creation She Was Created For The Sole Purpose Of Being His Sidekick And Faithful Assistant She Proves To Be Powerful Enough To Handle Everything She Can Now Do Chaos Control She Is Extremely Sexy Looking Now Sporting An Light Blue Tanktop Which Showed Her Pink Mecha Stomach Blue Jeans And Black Sandals And Has Shown Love Interest In Jonathan And Is Loyal To Him

All Sonic Characters/Villains (Including Eggman Who Is Owned By Sega)

Mecha Amy Rose V14,15,16,17 And 18

Scene 1: The Project Is Complete

  • In Jonathan's Lab In Westopolis*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Wake Up My Creation

Mecha Amy Rose V13: *Wakes Up* Huh? Wait Who Are You?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Am Your Creator I Made You

Mecha Amy Rose V13: *Smiles And Blushes* Oh Wow I Didn't Know You Made Me How About A Hug?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Sure!!!!

Mecha Amy Rose V13: *Hugs Jonathan* It's A Start Of An Beautiful Relationship Between Us Two Don't You Agree?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Agree

Mecha Amy Rose V13: In Order For This To Continue

Mecha Amy Rose V14: *Panting* From What Information We Were Told Robotnik Has Already Begun Plans To Destroy Mobius

Mecha Amy Rose V15: If We Don't Stop Him

Mecha Amy Rose V16: He Might Blow Up Mobius And Kill The Mobians Living In Mobius

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Exactly Which Is Why I Created You Girls Also For That Purpose

Mecha Amy Rose V17: Yeah I Know But This Is A Serious Matter

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Crap

Sally Acorn: What's Wrong Jonathan

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Eggman's Gonna Blow Up Mobius

Sally Acorn: *Gasps* I Knew You Were Gonna Say That We Must Stop Him I'll Help

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Great!!!!

Mecha Amy Rose V17: *Smiles* Ooh I Have An Idea *Sprinkles Jonathan With Magic Dust*

  • Poof*

Mecha Amy Rose V19: Oh My God I'm Sexy Looking

Mecha Amy Rose V13: Yay We're The Powerful Females

Mecha Amy Rose V14: Do You Think We'll Be Able To Stop Robotnik

Mecha Amy Rose V15: Yeah We Can Because We're Mu

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