Main Characters (Good)

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Metal Amanda Rose-After Being Released From His Stasis Tube Jonathan Somehow Landed In Soleanna And He Begins His Adventure To Find Out Who He Is And What Exactly He Is Supposed To Do His Line "You Know When Shit Goes Down" His 2 Themes Are "Prepare To Get Destroyed V1/V2/V3/V4/V5 And The Ultimate V1/V2

Speedy The Hedgehog-Speedy Is Jonathan's Pal Ever Since They Met They Go On Epic Expeditions

Brian The Hedgehog-An Shadow Recolor With Red Fur And Light Green Quills His Best Asset Is Fire

Shaden The Hedgehog-He Is An Shadow Lookalike Wearing An Hoodie Who Secretly Formed The Hedgehog Heroes To Conquer Evil Which Unfortunately Sees Them Getting Captured By The Evil Hedgehog Named Lumi And It's Up To Jonathan To Save Them Jonathan Unbelievably Foiled Lumi's Plot

Shadow The Hedgehog-The Ultimate Lifeform That Ceased To Exist After Being Blasted By A Laser But Luckily Shadow Survived It And Teleported Himself Back Onto The Space Colony ARK

Sonic The Hedgehog-The Fastest Thing Alive (Well Jonathan Is 100x Faster Than Sonic) He Can Spindash Much Like Jonathan Himself Still Retains His Usual Abilities

Silver The Hedgehog-Silver Is From The Future Who Has Psychic Powers Silver Notes That Jonathan Was Given Different Powers

Butch The Hedgehog

Dranic The Hedgehog

Jordan The Hedgehog

Statyx The Hedgehog

Shade The Hedgehog

Heiru The Hedgehog

S.P The Hedgehog (Voiced By SonicPower451) His Memorable Line "Oh Shit Jonathan Just Awakened The Female Demon"

Jacob The Hedgehog

Slifer The Hedgehog (Voiced By SliferSoulProductions)

Jonathan's Love Interests

Amy Rose-The First Of Many Love Interests Of Jonathan's Amy Appears As Cute, Cuddly And Friendly Wearing Her Usual Light Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink Stomach With Light Brown Chest Dark Blue Jeans And Black Sandals Her Hair Is Longer And Is Held By An Dark Blue Hairband Her Pink Tail Shows

Maria The Hedgehog-Maria Is Extremely Attractive To Jonathan Wearing The Same Clothes As Amy

Shade The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Very Own Mother Falls In Love With Him Which Triggers An Love Triangle (JonathanxShadexAmyxMaria)  Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Black Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth Note: Shade Wore Spiked Wristbands And Spiked Belt She Wore White Gloves

Rika The Hedgehog-For All Intenses And Purposes Rika Is In Fact Jonathan's Cousin

Tiara Boobowski-Here's Tiara An Long Forgotten Character In The Sonic Series Was Brought Back For This Movie As Jonathan's Love Interest

Shade The Echidna- Err Okay Who Thinks An Relationship Between Jonathan And Shade Is Weird I Do It's An Experimental Relationship


Dr. Eggman-After His Plans Were Constantly Foiled By Sonic The Hedgehog He Teams Up With Other Villains Such As Ixis Naugus, Lien-Da The Echidna, The Dark Legion/Presence, King Shadow The Hedgehog, Snively, Metal Sonic, The Destructix, The Iron Dominion And The Suppression Squad To Eliminate Sonic Once And For All They Almost Succeeded In That Until An Mysterious Black/Red Hedgehog Named Jonathan Stands On Top Of The Hill With His Green Chaos Emerald In Possession Eggman Then Orders The Villains To Attack Him Jonathan Chaos Controlled Out Of Sight Which Caused The Villains To Be Piled Up With Each Other Out Of Nowhere Rosy Using Video Game Logic Tosses Jonathan Up To Eggman Which Allowed Jonathan To Destroy Eggman And Rosy Finished Eggman Off With Her Piko-Piko Hammer Jonathan Looked At Rosy At Noticed Something Different About Her Rosy Was Wearing Her Old School Outfit Which Showed Her Pink Stomach Had An Breast Implant Wore Yellow Ballerina Tutu And Light Blue/White Sneakers This Version Of Rosy Was Nicer And Attractive

Lien-Da The Echidna

The Dark Legion/Presence

Metal Sonic

Ixis Naugus

King Shadow The Hedgehog

The Destructix

The Suppression Squad

The Iron Dominion




The Metarex-They Serve As Nega Shade's Enforcers

Jonathan's Allies

Rosy The Rascal-Rosy Was Wearing Her Old School Outfit Which Showed Her Pink Stomach Rosy Had An Breast Implant Wore Yellow Ballerina Tutu And Light Blue/White Sneakers She Was An Very Nice Person Rosy Now Has Useful Abilities That Make Her Jonathan's Beloved Sidekick

King Sonic The Hedgehog-He Declared An State Of Emergency After Eggman Attacked Freedom HQ And The Castle Eggman's Actions Would Cost Him Dearly Jonathan Then Proceeded To Shred Through The Evildoers And Ultimately With Help From Rosy Destroy Him

Mecha Sally Acorn-She Was Intended To Be Evil But For Some Reason She Was Programmed To Be Friendly Towards Jonathan

Kirsten The Hedgehog-Ah Kirsten An Orange Female Hedgehog Who Wears An White Shirt Showing Her Orange Stomach Red Pirate Beanie Red Vest, Black Jeans And Black Sandals

Mery The Hedgehog-Mery Is Light Purple With Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Iris She Wears An Light Green Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Yellow Jeans Which Had Ripped Marks And Hole, Red Shoes And She Brandishes An Long Stick

Nikki The Hedgehog-An Dark Teal Hedgehog Who's Quills Are Different Than Jonathan's

Destiny The Hedgehog-An Hot Pink Female Hedgehog With White Quills

Prince Manic The Hedgehog

Princess Sonia The Hedgehog

Belle D'Coolette

Argyle The Crocodile

Lara-Su The Echidna

Julie-Su The Echidna

Melody Prower-In A Cutscene In Which Melody Teams Up With Her Lifelong Hero Jonathan The Hedgehog To Take On Villains Miraciously Enough Melody Gains Chaos Powers Of Her Own

Skye Prower-He Mostly Stays Behind To Invent Things

Jacques D'Coolette

Blockbuster The Polar Bear

Payback Fox-She Is An Duplicate Of Fiona Fox Although She Shares Jonathan's Personality Traits

Demo Duck

Cutlass D'Coolette

Scarlette Rabbot

Silver The Hedgehog-Silver As He Is Depicted Here Is An Friendly Hedgehog

Blaze The Cat-Blaze Now Is Friendly And Was Rescued By Jonathan From Enerjak's Clutches

Mari-Su The Echidna-Don't Let Mari-Su's Maid Outfit Fool You She Can Use Her Sleeper Gun To Put Enemies To Sleep Her Maid Outfit Shows Her Red Stomach She Seems To Do Well Alongside Jonathan The Hedgehog

Neo Metal Amy Rose-The Leader Of The Metal Rose Family She Has An Very Big Sense Of Humor And Loves To Laugh And Smile She Has Positive Energy As Does Her Daughters Which Combats The Negative Energy

Metal Amy Rose

Metal Rachael Rose

Metal Amy Rose Jr

Metal Jessica Rose

Metal Kathleen Rose

Metal Angelina Rose

Metal Elizabeth Rose

Metal Samantha Rose

Scene 1: The Journey To The Great Unknown

  • In Soleanna*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Where Are We?

Rosy The Rascal: I Believe We're In Soleanna

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh I See

Breaking News: Eggman Is Attacking The City

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Knew Something Like This Was Bound To Happen

Rosy The Rascal: We'd Better Get There Fast

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Raises Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control *Teleports*

  • They Get There*

Rosy The Rascal: I Don't Like The Looks Of This It's Dark In Here

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Shade? Is That You

Nega Shade The Hedgehog: I'm Nega Shade Muhahahahahahahahahahaha

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What Have You Done To My Friends!!!!!

Nega Shade The Hedgehog: Ah I Put Them In Their Cells To Be Destroyed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Let's Fight!!!!!

Nega Shade The Hedgehog: With Pleasure *Smiles Evilishly*

Rosy The Rascal: I'm Getting Out Of Here *Raises Her Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control!!!!! *Teleports Back To Soleanna*

  • The Fight Begins*
  • They Fight Back And Fourth*

Nega Shade The Hedgehog: Take This!!!!! *Fires The Dark Beam At Jonathan*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Hits The Wall Hard Kneeling Down*

Nega Shade The Hedgehog: Yes I Did It

  • Light Blue Aurora Surrounds Jonathan*
  • It Disappears*

Hyper Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Flashing Colors* How Do You Like Me Now?

Nega Shade The Hedgehog: *Is Blinded By The Colors* MY EYES!!!!!!!!

Hyper Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Spindashes Into Nega Shade*

  • BOOM*

Hyper Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog: Now My Finishing Manuever!!!! The Cyclone!!!! *Curls Up Into An Sharp Cyclone Ball Rams Up Into Nega Shade*

  • BOOM*

Nega Shade The Hedgehog: AAAAAARGH *Runs Back Into Her Personal Base*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I'm Not Finished With You Yet!!!! *Gives Chase* Nah It's Better Not To Risk Getting Caught *Raises His Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control!!!!!! *Teleports To King Sonic's Castle*

  • Inside King Sonic's Castle*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Mari-Su How Did You Get Here?

Mari-Su The Echidna: *Smiles* Glad You Asked You See I Traveled Here To Combat Nega Shade And Her Forces Luckily *Smiles* I've Got My Sleeper Gun Here Lock And Loaded

Jonathan The Hedgehog: We Will Show Just Who Is The Ultimate Lifeform Around Here

Mari-Su The Echidna: Yeah Our Battle Has Just Begun

Argyle The Crocodile: It Can Be Only Won By One Hedgehog That Is Jonathan

Melody Prower: *Smiles* Technically It Takes Teamwork To Win This Battle

Prince Manic The Hedgehog: We Will Reclaim The Innocence Of Others

King Sonic The Hedgehog: We Will Win This War

  • Meanwhile*

Metal Amy Rose: *Smiles* Yay!!!!! You're Here!!!! Step Into This Thing

  • Poof*

Metal Amanda Rose: *Punches As She Begins To Smile* Let's Go!!!!

Metal Amy Rose: *Smiles* Yeah!!!!

  • The Metal Family Meets Up With Neo Metal Amy Rose*

Neo Metal Amy Rose: Now We Must Find Nega Shade And Take Her Down

Metal Rachael Rose: Agreed

Metal Jessica Rose: I Agree

Metal Samantha Rose: Yes

  • An Large Black Beam Comes Toward Them*
  • BOOM They Fly Backwards*

Neo Metal Amy Rose: Oof *Falls* What The Heck Was That?

Metal Angelina Rose: I Think That Was Nega Shade's Message Of Saying Stay Away From Her

Metal Kathleen Rose: Oh Come On Why Did She Do That

Metal Amy Rose Jr: I Still Say That We Must Find Her

Metal Rachael Rose: We Should Find Her

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