Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog-After Beating The Egg Dealer He Stumbles Upon An Genie Lamp Which He Rubbed It Revealing Shahra In The Process This Ultimate Lifeform Is Very Different Now Possessing His New Power Chaos Overdrive He Obtained After Successfully Performing It

Shahra The Magical Genie-She Is Light Tan She Wears An Belly Dancer's Outfit And Has Pink Long Hair She Is Jonathan's Genie And Grants Him Wishes Her She Also Has An Hidden Magical Form Called "Sorceress Shahra" Who Wore The Exact Belly Dancer Outfit As Shahra Only The Color Is Black She Now Wields An Magical Wand Which Allows Her To Turn Any Object Into Anything As She Sees Fit Shahra Becomes Powerful In This Form She Is Immune To All Attacks She Now Can Throw Orbs From Her Hands Which In Effect Causes Her Enemies To Explode She Has Green Eyes With Black Irises

Other Sonic Characters

Super Amy Rose-She Is Yellow Furred She Has Longer Hair And Spikes She Wore An White Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach And Blue Jeans And Black Sandals She Wore And Red Jacket With Her Initials On It She Had An Red Hairband She Had Red Eyes With Black Irises She Blinks Her Eyes When She Isn't Sure Or Is Confused Her Boobs Show She Had Five Front Hairs

Amy Rose-Amy Is Wearing Her Rapper Based Attire With Gold Around Her She Is Jonathan's 2nd Girlfriend And Shade The Echidna Is Jonathan's 3rd Girlfriend She Has Green Eyes With Black Irises She Is Pink Furred With Her Pink Tail Showing

Shade The Echidna-Shade Wore An Silver Neck Brace, Silver Elbow Bands, Black/Pink Tubetop Which Showed Her Orange Stomach Silver/Pink Belt Black/Pink Leather Pants Black Taped Gloves Silver/Pink Wristbands And Black Boots She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises Her Orange Tail Shows

Scene 1: Shahra's Awakening

  • At The Park*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Picks Up And Rubs The Genie Lamp*

  • Poof*

Shahra The Magical Genie: *Smiles* Greetings!!!! I'm Shahra I'm Going To Be Your New Genie

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yay

Shahra The Magical Genie: Now Then I'll Surround Us In An Protective Barrier *Creates An Protective Barrier Covering Them* Now This Barrier Is Indestructible And Cannot Be Destroyed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What Functions Does It Have Exactly?

Shahra The Magical Genie: It Can Protect Us Both From Oncoming And Incoming Attacks Also It Can Deflect Any Attack Back At The Enemies

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh

  • In The Desert*

Shahra The Magical Genie: It's Over This Way

  • They Get To Shahra's Hidden Base In The Desert*

Shahra The Magical Genie: Welcome To My Lovely Base Here I've Personally Did The Remodeling Around Here And Added Neat Features

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Sweet

Shahra The Magical Genie: Let's Enter!!!!

  • Inside*

Shahra The Magical Genie: *Smiles* Make Yourself At Home

  • They Watch TV Together*

Shahra The Magical Genie: It's Nice Being Able To Watch TV With You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed

Shahra The Magical Genie: Hold On We're Getting An Signal

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What Is It Saying?

Shahra The Magical Genie: Since I'm A Genie It Says That Eggman Has Sent Out His Swatbots To Retrieve The Chaos Emeralds

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Hmm It Looks Like We Must Work Together To Stop Him

Shahra The Magical Genie: Yep Let's Go!!!

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Picks Up His Inhibitor Rings And Puts Them On* Right

Super Amy Rose: *Smiles* Wait For Us We'll Help

Shahra The Magical Genie: Ah I See Good Thinking I'll Let You Three Stay

Amy Rose: Okay Let's Go

Shade The Echidna: We'd Better Get Going Then

Shahra The Magical Genie: Jonathan Hop On My Beautiful Back

  • Jonathan Hops On Shahra's Back*

Shahra The Magical Genie: Let's Stop This Madman

  • They Rush Off*

Shahra The Magical Genie: I See Mobius Up Ahead

  • Super Amy Rose, Amy Rose And Shade Get Killed*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Well It's Just Us Two Now

Shahra The Magical Genie: *Smiles* No Problem There We're Great Together

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