Comic Series

Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog-The Ultimate Lifeform Returns But Now With His New Sidekick Talitha Prower Alongside Him For Adventures Together

Talitha Prower-Her Hairstyle Is An Ponytail With An Dark Blue Hairband Holding It Her Front Hair Is Downward Talitha Wears An Red T-Shirt Which Shows Her Orange Stomach She Wears An Brown/Silver Belt Blue Shorts And Black Sandals Black Eyelashes Light Grey Eyes With Black Irises An Fox Like Muzzle Nose And Smile That Is Unmatched She Has Two Fox Tails Which She Uses To Fly She Is Also An Great Inventor And Pilot

Other Archie Sonic Characters/Villains

Jessica Prower-She Is Talitha's Best Friend And Jonathan's 2nd Sister She Appears More Often In The Comics She Looks Like Talitha Herself

Roboticized Amy Rose-Designed To Protect Jonathan The Hedgehog, Jessica And Talitha Prower She Has An Much Sexier Body She Wears An Black Tubetop Showing Her Robotic Stomach And Boobs Black Jeans And Black High Heels Her Hair Is In A Ponytail With An Black Hairband Holding It She Is Jonathan's 3rd Sidekick Her Abilities Are Much Powerful Than Any Normal Being Amy Was Roboticized To Make Herself Powerful To Protect Them She Is His Girlfriend

Roboticized Mina Mongoose-She Is Referred To As Robian Mina Mongoose What's Different About Robian Mina? Well For Starters Robian Mina Still Has Her Super Speed Now Robian Mina Has Super Strength, Agility And Super Reflexes Allowing Her To Move Out Of The Way Fast Enough

Nicole The Hedgehog-Her Outfit Consists Of An Yellow And Orange Tubetop Which Show Her Humongous Boobs And Her Green Stomach Black Skirt And Green/Black High Heels She Has Long Black Eyelashes She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Wears An Black Jacket With Yellow Flames On It  She Has Long Green Hair With Front Green Spikes She Is Jonathan's Lover And 2nd Girlfriend

The Hedgehog Ancestors (Females: Julie The Hedgehog, Rachael The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog, Lauren The Hedgehog, Susanna The Hedgehog, Danica The Hedgehog And Lixes The Hedgehog)

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Talitha Prower Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story Arc 1: The Roboticized Robians Are Born

  • In Talitha's House*

Talitha Prower: Ah What An Good Day If You Ask Me

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah You're My Sidekick

Talitha Prower: Agreed We're Family

  • Doorbell Rings*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Answers* Hello?

Jessica Prower: *Smiles* Howdy I'm Jessica Talitha's Best Friend And Your Sister Can I Come In

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Sure!!!!

Jessica Prower: *Smiles* Great!!!! *Enters The House*

  • Door Closes*

Jessica Prower: Now That We're Here What's On The Agenda For Today

Talitha Prower: We're Planning To Go Shopping

Jessica Prower: How Exciting

  • The Sounds Of Screaming Mobians Are Heard*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Turns On Monitor* Eggman What's Going On

Dr. Eggman: I'm Not Sure Let Me Check *Turns On His Monitor* Hmm It Seems Like Robotnik Is Roboticizing Mobians

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Can't You Give Me Any Useful Upgrades And Updates

Dr. Eggman: Yeah I Can Meet Me At My Base And I'll Upgrade You To Level 30 The Most Powerful Level Yet

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay *Turns Off Monitor*

Jessica Prower: I Got An Bad Feeling About This

Talitha Prower: Yeah

  • The Tornado X8 Flies Off For Eggman's Base*
  • Meanwhile*

Roboticized Amy Rose: Wait Where's Jonathan? *Worried* I Hope He's Okay *Looks At Her Sexy Body* Ooh I Can Be An Useful 3rd Sidekick To Jonathan To Eggman's Base I Go *Skates Off At Turbo Speeds*

  • In Eggman's Base*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay We're Here

  • Hours Later*

Robian Amy Rose: Just Call Me Robian Amy Rose *Smiles* I'm Here To Help *Hugs Jonathan With Her Robotic Arms* I Think We Can Be An Great Team Don't You Agree?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yes Of Course You're Perfect

Robian Amy Rose: *Smiles* Yay And This Is My Friend

Robian Mina Mongoose: *Smiles* Hi There!!! We're The Two Additions That Can Protect You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Excellent

  • Hours Later*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Now That We're Powered Up To Level 30 We Can Now Stop The Robian Army Of Robotnik's

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Smiles* No Silly You Need My Help In Doing That *Smiles* Besides I'm Physically Strong Enough To Make An Difference Plus *Smiles* I'm Your Girlfriend You Know

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Yeah Nicole You Are My 2nd Girlfriend

Robian Mina Mongoose: Let's Go!!!!

  • They Get In The Tornado X8*

Talitha Prower: *Puts On Her Goggles* All Systems Are Ready To Go *Pulls The Stick Back And Then Forward*

  • The Tornado X8 Flies Off For Mobius*
  • When It Lands In Talitha's House/Workshop*

Talitha Prower: Let's Rock

  • They Rush Outside*

Nicole The Hedgehog: Alright Jonathan Let's Team Up

Jonathan the Hedgehog: Oh Hell Yes It's Go Time *Cracks His Knuckles*

Jessica Prower: We Should Team Up Too

Talitha Prower: Great Thinking

Robian Amy Rose: Let's Pair Up

Robian Mina Mongoose: Great Idea

  • They Fight The Robians*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Knocks Them All Down* How Pathetic Is That The Best That He Can Come Up With *Gasps* No It Can't Be

Robian Shade The Hedgehog: It Is You Must Fight Me

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Can't I Promised My Hedgehog Ancestors I Wouldn't Fight You

Robian Shade The Hedgehog: You Will Fight Me

Nicole The Hedgehog: No He Won't Because He Knows You're Evil I Must Take You On

Jonathan The Hedgehog: No I Will Fight Her And Show Her What Happens When You Mess With The Wrong Ultimate Lifeform

  • Hours Later*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: How Does It Feel Getting Your Ass Kicked By Me

Robian Shade The Hedgehog: *Grimacing In Pain* Dammit He's Too Strong *Crawls Back To Robotnik's Base*

Nicole The Hedgehog: Nice Ass Kicking

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Put An Cap In Her Ass *Laughs*

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Laughing Her Butt Off* You're Too Funny *Hugs Jonathan* I Love You *She Holds Onto Him* Listen We Must Get The Database Folder

Jonathan The Hedgehog: And Where Do You Think That Is?

Nicole The Hedgehog: It's Hidden Well In Utopia I Might Need Some Help With This

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I'll Help

Nicole The Hedgehog: Okay!!!! Let's Go

  • They Both Skate Off*
  • They Reach Utopia*

Nicole The Hedgehog: I See It Up On The Streetlight *Uses Her Powers To Get The Database Folder* I Got The Folder

  • They Escape*
  • In Nicole's Castle*

Nicole The Hedgehog: Alright The Folder Says That

  • BOOM*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What The Hell Is That

Nicole The Hedgehog: Oh Great *Uses The Beryls*

  • Poof*

Super Nicole The Hedgehog: What Are They Doing In Freedom HQ

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Invading It

Super Nicole The Hedgehog: Let's Get Them In Our Super Forms

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah *Goes Ultimate*

Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog: Shit Just Got Real

Super Nicole The Hedgehog: Agreed *Smiles* Let's Go!!!!!

  • They Both Rush Off For Freedom HQ*

Super Nicole The Hedgehog: I See It Up Ahead

Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right Let's Make Our Grand Entrances

Super Nicole The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Great Idea!!!!!

  • In Freedom HQ*

Scourge: You'll Tell Us Or Else

  • Glass Breaks*

Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog: Don't Move Motherfucker

Scourge: Fuck He's Way Stronger In That Form

Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog: Haaaaaaaaa *Knocks Scourge Down And Then Tosses Him Like An Ragdoll Outside He Was Arrested*

Super Nicole The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Now It's My Turn *Attacks Them They Get Arrested*

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