Main Characters

Jonathan Washington/Giantess Cassandra Rose

Jessica Chabot As Giantess Amy Rose-Her Red Ski Tanktop Is Ripped Showing Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Her Red Ski Skirt Is Ripped As Well She Had Long Pink Hair And Quills She Wore Red/White Boots She Had Green Eyes And Black Irises She Can Also Fight With Her Excellent Skills Giantess Jessica Rose-She Also Wears An Ripped Red Ski Top Which Showed Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Ripped Shorts She Also Wore Red/White Boots She Also Had Green Eyes With Black Irises Her Move "The Bonzai Drop" Inflicts Major Damage Giantess Allison Rose-She Wore The Same Outfit As Giantess Amy Rose Which All Of Them Do

Giantess Susanna Rose

Giantess Summer Rose

Giantess Ashley Rose

Giantess Nicole Rose

Giantess Tiffany Rose

Giantess Rachael Rose

Giantess Alexandra Rose

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Scene 1: Getting Ready For Last Day Of School (Gradulation 2011)

  • In Jonathan's Bedroom*

Jonathan: *Asleep*

  • Jonathan's Alarm Clock Goes Off*

Jonathan: *Wakes Up Full Of Positive Energy* *Checks His Calander* It's May 25th That Means My Gradulation Day *Gets Dressed*

  • Jonathan Encounters An Bunch Of Happy Giantesses*

Giantess Amy Rose: *Smiles* I'm So Happy *Hugs Jonathan* We'll Be At Your Side As Token Of Our Appreciation We'll Give You An Ride Hop On My Back

Jonathan: *Hops On Giantess Amy Rose's Back*

Giantess Amy Rose: Here We Go!!! *Smiles*

  • The Giantesses Smash Through The Door*

Giantess Amy Rose: *Smiles* Oops I'll Fix That Later

  • They Get There*

Jonathan: Uh Oh This Isn't Good *Changes*

  • Poof*

Giantess Cassandra Rose: Well This Is Bad

Giantess Amy Rose: Let's Kick His Ass

  • The Giantesses Give Chase*

Giantess Cassandra Rose: We Must Track Him Down

Giantess Amy Rose: *Smiles* We're Fast And Strong And Powerful We Should Be Able To Find Him Easy

Giantess Rachael Rose: Yeah!!!

  • They Find His Base*

Giantess Amy Rose: Let's Storm The Base

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