Jonathan The Hedgehog/Bethany Kinney-The Ultimate Lifeform Paired With His Younger Sister Tasha The Hedgehog Bethany Is The Younger Sister Of Laura And Jessica Kinney She Wears The Same Clothes As Laura And Jessica

Tasha The Hedgehog-She Is An Light Purple Furred Female Hedgehog With Long Light Purple Hair And Light Purple Spikes In Front She Has White Eyelids And She Has Dark Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Wears An Light Blue Tanktop, Medium Blue Jeans And Black Sandals She Wears White Gloves Has Dark Purple Inhibitor Rings And White Wristbands She Has Turbo Skate Shoes Her Super Form Is "Light Tasha The Hedgehog" Who Is The Same Color As Tasha Herself And Wears The Same Clothes As Her The Difference Here Is Light Tasha Had Red Eyes But Retained Her Black Irises

Laura Kinney-She Had Long Black Hair And Wore An Light Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Black Leather Pants With An X-Men Chain On It Elbow Guards And Black High Heels She Has Claws Coming Out She Has Hot Pink Lips She Had Light Green Eyes With Black Irises

Jessica Kinney-She Has The Same Appearance As Laura


Jean Grey

Kirsten Roberts

Danica Robinson

Julie Adams

Storm-An Little Background On Storm Her Real Name Is Rachael Myers (Daughter Of Brett Myers) She Is Light Brown She Wears Her X-Men Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach Dark Blue Leather Pants And Dark Blue Sneakers She Wears An X-Men Necklace Her Hair Is Long And Color Is Torqois Blue She Has Grey Eyes With Black Irises She Has Dark Blue Wristbands And Golden Gloves On Both Hands

Rachael Andrews-Like Storm She Also Wears Her X-Men Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach Dark Blue Leather Pants And Dark Blue Sneakers She Wears An X-Men Necklace Her Hair Is Long And Color Is Orange She Has Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Also Has Dark Blue Wristbands And Golden Gloves On Both Hands Her Skin Color Is White

All Sonic Characters/Villains Copyright Sega

Scene 1: Chasing Down The Suppression Squad

  • They Both Give Chase*

Tasha The Hedgehog: I Probably Think There's 7 Of Them And Only 2 Of Us What Can We Do?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh I See Uh Oh

  • Poof*

Bethany Kinney: Well I Didn't Expect That To Happen

Tasha The Hedgehog: Oh My God Who Are You

Bethany Kinney: I'm Bethany Kinney Laura's And Jessica's Younger Sister

Laura Kinney: I've Finally Found You *Smiles* How About Reforming Into The New X-Men

Bethany Kinney: Yeah Let's Do It But What About Tasha

Laura Kinney: Hmm? Considering That Tasha Is A Hedgehog She Would Need Proper Training

Bethany Kinney: I Think She's Already Trained It's Just About Giving Her Abilities To Work With

Laura Kinney: *Smiles* We Both Know That Tasha Can Run Extremely Fast 105 MPH Is Fast I'll Give Her The Same Abilities As Me She Should Wear The Same Clothing As Us

  • Minutes Later*

Tasha The Hedgehog: *Her Claws Stick Out* Yay!!!! My First Action With The New X-Men

Mystique: It Makes Perfect Sense Since Tasha Is One Of The Toughest Female Hedgehogs Around

Jean Grey: She Reminds Me Of Me When I Was Her Age *Smiles* It's A Compliment

Danica Robinson: Yeah I Figured That Out

Julie Adams: Now It's Time To Spring Into Action

Kirsten Roberts: Yeah!!!!

Laura Kinney: *Smiles* Let's Go!!!!!

  • The New X-Men Rush Off*

Laura Kinney: Wait I Hear Something It's Coming From Freedom HQ

Jessica Kinney: What Can It Possibly Be?

Bethany Kinney: I'm Not Sure What That Was

Mystique: I'm Taking An Guess Here I'm Thinking That The Freedom Fighters And The Suppression Squad Are Fighting Inside Freedom HQ

Tasha The Hedgehog: It Could Be That

Jean Grey: I'm Thinking The Same Thing

Danica Robinson: Same Here

Kirsten Roberts: I Agree

Julie Adams: There's Only One Way To Find Out That Is To Enter

Laura Kinney: Agreed

  • They Enter*

Laura Kinney: Wow You Weren't Kidding When You Said There's An Fight

Bethany Kinney: I Am Convinced That They Were Fighting In Here

Jessica Kinney: Yeah I Figured That Out

Storm: *Smiles* Boo!!!!

Laura Kinney: Whoa!!!! Storm You Scared Us Where Did You Come From

Storm: I Was Flying In The Skies Until I Seen You At Freedom HQ Mind If I Lent An Hand Here I'm Great At Creating Lightning Storms With My Hands

Laura Kinney: Okay

  • Tasha, Danica, Kirsten And Julie Were Killed In Combat*

Storm: I Got An Bad Feeling About This

Jean Grey: You're Telling Me I Think This Was Planned

Mystique: Planned? I Think It's An Conspiracy To Kill Us All

Jessica Kinney: Nonsense They Can't Kill Us Because We're Mutants Those Girls Were Humans I Can See Why They Were Killed

Bethany Kinney: We Must Stop This Immediately

Storm: As Soon As If We Can Find The Entrance To Their Base

Rachael Andrews: Agreed

Jessica Kinney: Wow Rachael You're Practically Useful

Rachael Andrews: Yep With My Useful Powers We Can Win

Mystique: We Are The New X-Men We Are Not Afraid Of Anything

  • They Kick Down The Doors*

Laura Kinney: Alright We Should Be Careful They're Using Their Tactics Against Us *Smiles* Which I Know Isn't Going To Work That Well

Storm: Yeah I Agree

Jessica Kinney: Let's Fight!!!!

  • They Fight Each Other*

Storm: Lightning Storm!!!!

  • An Storm Of Lightning Strikes The Suppression Squad Electrocuting Them*

Storm: Yes Now With Them Dead We Can Proceed

  • They Proceed As They Walk*

Storm: Wait I Heard Something

Laura Kinney: Yeah So Did I

Bethany Kinney: Me Too

Jessica Kinney: Me Three

Mystique: I Heard Something Too Could It Be?

Rachael Andrews: That's The Sound Of Rosy The Rascal She's The Only One We Hadn't Gotten Yet

Laura Kinney: One Of Us Has To Beat Her Who's It Gonna Be?

Rachael Andrews: I Think You Should Do It Laura You're Physically Gifted And Strong

Laura Kinney: *Smiles* Okay Then If You Insist I'll Do It *Her Claws Come Out* Here I Go *Enters Rosy's Room*

  • In Rosy's Room*

Laura Kinney: Man This Place Is Scary

  • Giggling Is Heard*

Laura Kinney: Show Yourself!!!! *Her Claws Come Out*

  • Rosy Charges At Laura With Her Piko-Piko Hammer*

Laura Kinney: *Kicks The Piko-Piko Hammer Out Of Rosy's Hand*

Rosy The Rascal: *Frightened*

Laura Kinney: *Stabs Rosy With Her Claws*

Rosy The Rascal: *Whacks Laura*

Laura Kinney: *Calls For More Help*

  • Outside Of The Door*

Storm: Laura Needs Our Help

Jessica Kinney: Uh Oh I Knew This Was Gonna Be Bad

Bethany Kinney: Agreed

Rachael Andrews: Let's Help Her Out

Mystique: Agreed

  • They Rush In*

Mystique: *Holds Rosy With Her Powers*

Laura Kinney: *Kicks Rosy In The Groin Area*

Rosy The Rascal: *Falls Down* Oof  *Is Unconscious*

Laura Kinney: Let's Get Out Of Here

  • They Escape*

Storm: *Attaches The Bomb To The Door*

  • BOOM*

Scene 2: Encounter With The Prelates

  • While In Dark Mobius*

Laura Kinney: Wow This Place Is Kinda Creepy

Storm: Yeah I Heard There's Prelates Here

Rachael Andrews: Prelates? This Might Be Bad

Mystique: Let's Keep An Eye Out

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