Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Amanda The Hedgehog/Heather The Hedgehog-Straight Out Of The Stasis Tube His Main Objective Is To Stop Eggman's Plans Once And For All His Cousins Are Girls Ever Since His White Chest Fur His Super Form Is Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 Who Was Stronger Than Jonathan Himself He Is Completely Invincible And Powerful And Can Do Extreme Damage With His Chaos Overdrive, Blast And Control Powers Amanda The Hedgehog Looks Like Sherri The Hedgehog In Everything Looks Included She Had Jonathan's Abilities Heather Is Well Liked Around The Neighborhood

Sherri The Hedgehog-She Wore An Dark Grey Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Dark Grey Jeans, Orange/White/Dark Grey/Black Ties/ Orange Shoes She Had Her Spiked Hair Downwards With Black Fur And Red Quills She Wore Black Lingerie Gloves She Had Red Fingernails She Had Two Silver Earrings On Her Left Ear And An Earring On Her Right Ear She Had Red Eyelids Front Black And Red Quills She Had Black/Red Arms And Long Black Eyelashes And Had Chain Belt On Her Jeans She Had Red Eyes With Black Irises

Rachael The Hedgehog-Rachael Looks Just Like Sherri The Hedgehog In Everything Looks Included

Tiffany The Hedgehog-She Looks Like Shadow In Appearance Except She Is More Feminine And Attractive And Is More Agile And Fast She Had Black Makeup On Her Face Dark Red Eyelids She Has Also Developed Boobs Of Her Own On Her White Chest Fur She Has Shadow's Spikes And Quills And Has Front Spikes As Well

Samantha The Hedgehog-She Has Shadow's Hairstyle She Wore An Red Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Leather Pants With Shadow's Logo On It She Has Shadow's Shoes

Shade The Hedgehog-Shade Is Sporting An Different Look As She Looks A Lot Like Sherri The Hedgehog While Retaining Her Shade-Like Personality

Lynn The Hedgehog-She Looks Like Sherri And Is Her Identical Twin

All Sonic Characters And Villains

Angel Valley Residents

Jillian The Hedgehog-She Is Much Like Sherri In Looks And Everything And Leads Her Group Of Faithful Female Hedgehogs Into War Against Eggman

Trish The Hedgehog-This Hot, Sexy, Attractive And Intelligent Pink Female Hedgehog Seriously Packs An Mighty Punch With Her Acrobatic Moves And Skills She Wears The Same Outfit As Thunder Only Hers Is Pink

Layla The Hedgehog-Layla Is An Silver Furred Female Hedgehog With Psychic Powers And Abilities She Is From The Future She Wears The Same Outfit As Thunder

Michelle The Hedgehog-An Yellow Female Hedgehog Who Wore Her Casual Clothing And Wears Her Black Fingerless Gloves

Thunder The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Blue And Yellow Furred Wearing Her Yellow Tubetop Which Showed Her Dark Blue And Yellow Fur Black Jeans And Black Sneakers She Possesses Thunder Like Powers

Bernadette The Hedgehog-The Real Mother Of Jonathan The Hedgehog She Took After Sherri The Hedgehog In Looks And Everything

Scene 1: Searching For The Chaos Emeralds

  • In Angel Valley Inside The Elite Female Hedgehog Force's Base*

Jillian The Hedgehog: Alright *Smiles* Our Main Goal Is To Retrieve The Emeralds

Trish The Hedgehog: We're Beautiful And Sexier And Intelligent Enough To Do It

Sherri The Hedgehog: Should We Find The Emeralds We Must Hide Them

Heather The Hedgehog: We're Team Hedgehogs

Layla The Hedgehog: I Can Fly!!!! *Smiles As She Is Levitating*

Bernadette The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm Joining In On The Fun

Michelle The Hedgehog: Quick!!!! Let's Go!!!!

Thunder The Hedgehog: Yay!!!!

  • They Sped Off*

Jillian The Hedgehog: We're Close To Them

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Grinding On Rails On His Turbo Jet Skates* We Should Be There Shortly

Jillian The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Where Did You Come From? The Back Entrance?

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