Movie (Amanda, Rikka, Laura And Naomi Appear)

Main Cast

Shade The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Biological Sister And Real Sister She Looks Just Like Jonathan Himself Only Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth She Is His Mother

Jonathan The Hedgehog-He Is Shade's Son

Shade The Hedgehog Jr-She Is The Daughter Of Shade The Hedgehog And Sister To Jonathan The Hedgehog Like Shade She Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills She Wears An Red Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Black Stomach She Wears An Spiked Belt Wears Light Grey Jeans And Red Shoes She Is The Master Of Chaos Control, Chaos Blast And Chaos Spear She Is One Hot Girl And Romances Jonathan The Hedgehog

Other Characters (Allies)

Amanda The Hedgehog-Trish's Sister Amanda Will Be Part Of The Main Characters

Laura The Hedgehog

Rikka The Hedgehog-Rikka Is An Gorgeous Purple Young Female Hedgehog Possessing Greater Galactic Powers She Wears The Same Clothes As Shade The Hedgehog She Has Long Purple Hair In A Ponytail She Wore An Tanktop Which Showed Her Purple Stomach Fur

Naomi The Hedgehog-Naomi Is Very Hot, Sexy And Attractive Godmother To Jonathan She Also Appears In Fanfics As Team Shade's Member Naomi Is Cute, Kind, Helpful, Thoughtful, Caring And Considerate She Takes After Jonathan In Speed, Chaos Powers And Abilities And Super Form She Looks A Lot Like Shade In Appearance, Looks, Clothing Naomi Also Appears In Fanfics Starring Jonathan, Shade And Her Daughters

Shade's And Jonathan's Siblings

Erika The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister

Tabitha The Hedgehog-Shade's Younger Sister

Jackie The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister

Dawn The Hedgehog-Shade's Younger Sister (She Has Shade's Skin Color And Clothing)

Martha The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister (She Has Shade's Skin Color And Clothing)

Lizzie The Hedgehog-Shade's Younger Sister

Marianna The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister (She Has Shade's Skin Color And Clothing)

Rose The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister (An Result Of Rosy's Transformation)

Scene 1: Jonathan And Shade's Adventure

  • In Jonathan And Shade's Apartment In Westopolis*
  • Inside*

Shade The Hedgehog: We Need To Get To The Bottom Of This Immediately

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right

  • They Skate Off*

Shade The Hedgehog: We're Almost There

  • They Get There*

Shade The Hedgehog: Hmm I Sense No Activities

Shade The Hedgehog Jr: *Pops Up From A Hole* I Thought I Would Join You Two Should We Take On The Suppression Squad

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah

Shade The Hedgehog: 3 Hedgehogs Vs. The Suppression Squad Great Match

  • They Speed Off*

Shade The Hedgehog: Here We Go

  • They Speed Off*

Shade The Hedgehog: We're Just About There

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed

Shade The Hedgehog Jr: We're Here

Erika The Hedgehog: We Finally Found You

Shade The Hedgehog: ??? It's Our Siblings

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Whoa!!!! How Did You Girls Get Here?

Dawn The Hedgehog: We Found Out Where You Three You Were Heading

Marianna The Hedgehog: We Thought We Would Join The Respective Siblings


Shade The Hedgehog, Shade The Hedgehog Jr, Tabitha The Hedgehog, Dawn The Hedgehog And Lizzie The Hedgehog

Jonathan The Hedgehog, Erika The Hedgehog, Jackie The Hedgehog, Martha The Hedgehog And Marianna The Hedgehog

Marianna The Hedgehog: Now We Know Which Groups We Are In

Tabitha The Hedgehog: Let's Get Going

Erika The Hedgehog: Yeah

  • They All Skate Off*

Dr. Eggman: *Fires Lasers*

Marianna The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Let's Do It

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah

Erika The Hedgehog: Yeah

Jackie The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Let's Do It

Martha The Hedgehog: Yeah

Shade The Hedgehog: Let's Do It

Tabitha The Hedgehog: Yeah

Lizzie The Hedgehog: Yeah

Dawn The Hedgehog: Yeah

Shade The Hedgehog Jr: Yeah

  • They Both Skate Off*

Marianna The Hedgehog: You Get The Top Me, Erika, Jackie And Martha The Hedgehog Will Get The Bottom

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay

Shade The Hedgehog: We'll Help

  • They Attack The Eggman Robot*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Take This *Punches The Robot Causing It To Fall Down*

  • They Gather Around The Robot*

Shade The Hedgehog: Tabitha Inspect The Chip

Tabitha The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Right Away *Takes The Chip Out Of The Robot* Hmm It Looks Like Eggman Created This Robot To Serve Him Wait There's More Chips *Grabs Them All* Fascinating I've Never Seen This Before

Dawn The Hedgehog: I Know Why Would Eggman Do This

Lizzie The Hedgehog: I Think He's Trying To Kill Jonathan Again

Erika The Hedgehog: Oh No!!!!

Jackie The Hedgehog: I'm Afraid For Jonathan's Safety

Martha The Hedgehog: We Must Protect Him At All Costs

Marianna The Hedgehog: Exactly

Shade The Hedgehog Jr: Agreed

Tabitha The Hedgehog: Well The Suppression Squad Are Invading Freedom HQ

Dawn The Hedgehog: Wait WHAT!!!!! Oh No

Lizzie The Hedgehog: *Speechless* I Can't Believe This

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Fuck

Erika The Hedgehog: Oh Dear

Jackie The Hedgehog: Oh Crud

Marianna The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yet Again A Situation Calls For Us To Stop Them

Shade The Hedgehog: We Will Aid You In Battle *Shakes Jonathan's Hand* *Smiles* This Should Be An Fun Team Battle

  • They Skate Off In Seperate Directions*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What The Heck Why Are You Following Us?

Tabitha The Hedgehog: Because Shade And Shade Jr Are Going West We're Following You North

Dawn The Hedgehog: Plus It Works This Way

Lizzie The Hedgehog: Agreed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Sounds Good To Me

Erika The Hedgehog: *Brushes Back Her Long Hair* We Love Company

Jackie The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yeah You Girls Help Us A Lot

Martha The Hedgehog: You Can Help Us Out

Marianna The Hedgehog: Yeah

  • They Get There*

Rosy The Rascal: Wait What's Happening To Me *Her Skin Becomes Shade's And Grows And Wearing Shade's Red Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Black Stomach, Wearing An Spiked Belt And Spiked Wristbands, Light Grey Jeans And Red Shoes She Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills And Red Eyes*

  • Poof*

Rose The Hedgehog: Oh Jonathan I Love You *Hugs Jonathan*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Rose You're Perfect

Tabitha The Hedgehog: Okay Let's Go

  • They Continue On*

Rose The Hedgehog: Wait I See Something Up Ahead 

Tabitha The Hedgehog: Ooh Great Eye

Dawn The Hedgehog: She Has An Great Eye

Lizzie The Hedgehog: Excellent

Erika The Hedgehog: Agreed

Jackie The Hedgehog: I Concur

Martha The Hedgehog: Agreed 100%

Marianna The Hedgehog: Agreed

  • Bombs Are Flying Everywhere*
  • They Start Running*

Tabitha The Hedgehog: How Do Avoid These Things?

Dawn The Hedgehog: Wait If You, Me And Lizzie Split Into Team 1 And Jonathan, Rose, Erika, Jackie, Martha And Marianna Can Be Team 2

Lizzie The Hedgehog: Perfect!!!!

  • Team 1 Skates Off*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Well Let's Go

Erika The Hedgehog: Agreed

Jackie The Hedgehog: Yeah

Martha The Hedgehog: Yeah

Marianna The Hedgehog: Let's Go

  • They Skate Off*

Rose The Hedgehog: Wait I See Eggman's Base From A Distance

Erika The Hedgehog: Hmm How Do You Suppose We Get In

Jackie The Hedgehog: There's The Entrance Over There We Can Enter It

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Screw This I'm Using My Logic *Places Bomb On The Door*

  • The Door Explodes*

Rose The Hedgehog: Excellent Work Jonathan

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Heh Heh I'm An Pro At Using Bombs

Rose The Hedgehog: So Where's The Map?

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