Main Cast

Jonathan Washington-Jonathan Was Wearing His 2000 Attire He Had An Black Tanktop Under His Deadman Inc Black T-Shirt And Tattoos All Over His Arms

Shade The Hedgehog-She Wore Her Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Black Boobs And Black Stomach She Still Had Her Spiked Belt, She Now Wore Black Jeans And Black Boots She Wore An Leather Biker Vest And Biker Gloves  She Had The Deadman Inc Logo On Her Tanktop

Tahra The Hedgehog-An Young Eager Dark Purple Female Hedgehog Who Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Dark Purple Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals She, Natalya, Amber And Savannah Wore The Same 2000 Attire, Had The Same Biker Vest And Biker Gloves As Shade

Natalya The Hedgehog-Natalya Is Hot Pink Furred She Wears An Black Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And  Hot Pink Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals

Amber The Hedgehog-Amber Is Light Brown She Wears The Same Clothes As Natalya

Savannah The Hedgehog-Savannah Is Medium Brown She Wears An White/Blue Tanktop Which Shows Her Medium Brown Stomach She Wears An Skirt Under It Is Her Dark Blue Jeans Red/White Speed Shoes Savannah Is Notably Known For Having An Unusual Eyelids And Eye Shape She Has Light Tan Mouth She Has Dark Red Eyes She Has Two Long Ears In Front And Long Medium Brown Hair She Wears White Gloves

All WWF Wrestlers

Scene 1: Last Goodbye From The WWF Universe (WWF Raw Is War)

  • Backstage*

Jonathan: *Riding Around On His Motorcycle Backstage With Shade On The Back Holding On*

Shade The Hedgehog: So What Is On Today's Agenda

Jonathan: *Riding On His Motorcycle* Well Since I Can't Compete Due To An Serious Knee Injury Which I Had Surgery Back In 1998 Which Kept Me Out For 1998-99, 1999-00, And Possibly 2000-01, 2001-02 And So On I'm Still Recovering From The Operation

Shade The Hedgehog: *Worried* Oh Dear

Jonathan: *Riding On His Motorcycle* Yeah I Know *Parks His Motorcycle On The Bottom Ramp Gets Off*

Amber The Hedgehog: We'll Escort You Out

Jonathan: *Limps Weakily*

Jim Ross: Is This Jonathan's Final Hoorah As An Active WWF Competitor

Jerry Lawler: We Hadn't Seen The Last Of Jonathan I Assure You He Will Be Back

Jim Ross: I Highly Doubt That Given Jonathan's Injury Prone History

  • In The Ring*

Jonathan: It's Been An Blast Working For The WWF But As They All Say Good Things Must Come To An End

  • The Alliance Rushes Out*

Jim Ross: Uh Oh

Jerry Lawler: Crap


  • Jonathan Goes Deadman Mode*

Jonathan: Whoever Thinks They Can Beat Me Is Mentally Retarded Or Challenged *Grabs RVD Tosses Him Like A Rag Doll*

Jim Ross: Vintage 1995-96 Jonathan Here

Jerry Lawler: He's Not Gonna Let Them Do This

  • They All Fall Down*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: *Turns Around*

Jonathan: *Grabs His Neck*

Jim Ross: Chokeslam City Next Stop

Jerry Lawler: It's Jonathan's Turn

Jonathan: *Chokeslams Stone Cold Onto The Ground*

  • Bret And Owen Hart Rush Out Along With Chris Jericho, The Rock, Kane, Undertaker And Big Show To Aid Jonathan*

Jonathan: *Chokeslams Booker T*

Jim Ross: Where Have We Seen This Before?

Jerry Lawler: 1996 When Jonathan Was The Lord Of Darkness

Jonathan: *Grabs Kurt Angle*

Jim Ross: Not The Tombstone Piledriver

Jonathan: *Gives Kurt Angle An Tombstone Piledriver* Rest In Peace *Rolls His Eyes Completely Back*

Jim Ross: That Might Have Done It

Jerry Lawler: It Looks Like Jonathan Has The Alliance's Number Now

Jonathan: Anyways As I Was Saying Before Being Rudely Interrupted By The Alliance All Good Things Must Come To An End Survivor Series 2001 Is My Last Match As An Active Competitor

Undertaker: WHAT!!!! Dude You're Not Retiring Are You?

Chris Jericho: Dude I Think That's What He's Leaning Toward

Kane: You're Kidding Me Right? He's Fine He's Pulling Our Legs

Undertaker: Uh No Kane Did You See How He Walked That Tells You That He's Injured

Kane: God Dammit How Did He Get Hurt Again Now We Know Why He Can't Stay Healthy And For Good Reason Injury Problems

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