Main Characters

Jonathan Washington/Jonathan The Hedgehog/Lisa Simpson-Jonathan Now Must Do Both Things Excel In School And Save The World From Eggman He Doesn't Like To Reveal His Hedgehog Form His Hedgehog Form Had An Deepened Voice Unfortunately He, Sherri, Rachael, Tiffany, Samantha And Shade The Hedgehog Get Turned Into Lisa, Leese, Maggie, Zia, Lauren And Marianna Simpson Respectively While Amanda And Heather Turned Into Ashley And Michelle Simpson Shade Gets Turned Into Nicole Simpson

Amanda The Hedgehog/Heather The Hedgehog/Ashley/Michelle Simpson-Amanda The Hedgehog Looks Like Sherri The Hedgehog In Everything Looks Included She Had Jonathan's Abilities Heather Is Well Liked Around The Neighborhood Ashley And Michelle Simpson Are Lisa, Leese, Maggie, Zia And Lauren Simpson's Sisters

Sherri The Hedgehog/Maggie Simpson-She Wore An Dark Grey Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Dark Grey Jeans, Orange/White/Dark Grey/Black Ties/ Orange Shoes She Had Her Spiked Hair Downwards With Black Fur And Red Quills She Wore Black Lingerie Gloves She Had Red Fingernails She Had Two Silver Earrings On Her Left Ear And An Earring On Her Right Ear She Had Red Eyelids Front Black And Red Quills She Had Black/Red Arms And Long Black Eyelashes And Had Chain Belt On Her Jeans She Had Red Eyes With Black Irises Maggie Looks As She Appeared In Lisa's Wedding With 3 Differences Maggie Now Has Long Yellow Hair Wears An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Yellow Stomach And Black Shoes Maggie Now Can Fight

Rachael The Hedgehog/Marianna Simpson-Rachael Looks Just Like Sherri The Hedgehog In Everything Looks Included Marianna Simpson Is Sexy, Hot, Attractive And Intelligent She Wears The Same Outfit As Maggie

Tiffany The Hedgehog/Lauren Simpson-She Looks Like Shadow In Appearance Except She Is More Feminine And Attractive And Is More Agile And Fast She Had Black Makeup On Her Face Dark Red Eyelids She Has Also Developed Boobs Of Her Own On Her White Chest Fur She Has Shadow's Spikes And Quills And Has Front Spikes As Well Lauren Simpson Is Sexy And Hot She Uses Her Moves Very Well

Samantha The Hedgehog/Zia Simpson-She Has Shadow's Hairstyle She Wore An Red Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Leather Pants With Shadow's Logo On It She Has Shadow's Shoes Zia Is An Excellent Fighter With Abilities

Shade The Hedgehog/Nicole Simpson-Shade Is Sporting An Different Look As She Looks A Lot Like Sherri The Hedgehog While Retaining Her Shade-Like Personality Nicole Is An Very Friendly Female With Passion

Lynn The Hedgehog/Leese Simpson-She Looks Like Sherri And Is Her Identical Twin Leese Is An Very Well Known Singer Not Only That She Is Also An Great Fighter Leese Wears Her Red Dress Which Shows Her Yellow Stomach Red Skirt And Red Sandals And Long Yellow Hair With Moon Crescants As Her Earrings

All Sonic Characters And Villains

Jonathan's Classmates

Classic Amy Rose-She Appears In This Movie

Scene 1: An New Adventure Awaits

  • Outside Wendell High School*

Jonathan: *Looks Up Into The Sky*

  • Eggman's Carrier Flys By*

Jonathan: Eggman!!!!! *Rushes Back Into The Building And Straight Into The Bathroom*

  • Poof*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Let's Do It!!!! *Speeds Off*

  • On The Grassy Terrain*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Speeding On The Grassy Terrain*

Sherri The Hedgehog: *Running Alongside Jonathan* *Smiles* Howdy I'm Tagging Along For This Adventure If That's Okay With You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Be My Guest *Speeding On The Grassy Terrain*

Tiffany The Hedgehog: We're Coming Too

Rachael The Hedgehog: Yeah

Samantha The Hedgehog: Yeah

Shade The Hedgehog: I Agree

Lynn The Hedgehog: Yeah

Amanda The Hedgehog: Wait For Us

Heather The Hedgehog: We Can't Catch Up

  • They Arrive On Little Planet*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Wow This Place Is Amazing

Sherri The Hedgehog: Agreed

Tiffany The Hedgehog: Wait If That Tether Balled Thing Is Little Planet I Think Robotnik Is Behind This

Samantha The Hedgehog: Great Observation!!!!

  • Poof*

Leese Simpson: *Smiles* That Was Incredible!!!!

Lisa Simpson: Oh My *Blushes* Yay!!!!

Maggie Simpson: Can Somebody Tell Me What Just Happened?

Zia Simpson: Hmm It Appears That The Machine Actually Swapped Our Genders

Lauren Simpson: You Mean To Tell Me That We're Stuck Like This Forever

Marianna Simpson: Yep

Leese Simpson: Don't Panic

Ashley Simpson: This Is Weird I Hadn't Felt This Way Before

Michelle Simpson: Is It Just Me Or Are We Wearing Our Black Tubetops Which Shows Our Yellow Stomachs, Black Jeans And Black Shoes

Leese Simpson: *Looks Down* Oh My You're Right

Lisa Simpson: Okay We Must Remain Calm This Isn't As Bad As We Think It Is

Maggie Simpson: I Hope So

Zia Simpson: My Hair Is Longer Instead Of A Cloud Shape Yay!!!

Lauren Simpson: Oh So We're Here

Marianna Simpson: I Wonder Who's In Our Family

Nicole Simpson: *Smiles And Blushes* Hi I'm Nicole Simpson I'm The Latest Addition To Your Family

Leese Simpson: *Smiles* Aww How Did You Get Here

Lisa Simpson: Perfect Timing *Smiles* We Were Just About To Discuss Our Latest Plans

Maggie Simpson: Apparently Robotnik Thinks It Is A Good Idea To Tether Little Planet He Is Sadly Mistaken

Zia Simpson: We Are Highly Trained Females Capable Of Making An Difference

Lauren Simpson: We Ladies Can Pack An Mighty Punch As An Group Of Women Trying To Thwart Robotnik's Plans

Marianna Simpson: *Smiles* We're Useful For Combat And Fighting

Nicole Simpson: Let's Go!!!!

  • The Simpson Girls Dash Off*

Dr. Robotnik: Metal Sonic Go Destroy These Little Pests!!!!

Metal Sonic: *Flies Down To Little Planet*

  • Meanwhile*

Leese Simpson: My Detector Is Detecting Something

Lisa Simpson: An Metal Hedgehog Is Coming Towards Us

Maggie Simpson: Oh No

Zia Simpson: Uh Oh This Might Spell Doom

Lauren Simpson: Agreed

Marianna Simpson: Oh My

Nicole Simpson: This Might Not End Well

Leese Simpson: *Kicks Metal Sonic Into The Sky* That Should Do It

  • BOOOM*

Lisa Simpson: Wow That Was Impressive

Maggie Simpson: I Didn't Know You Had It In You

Zia Simpson: I'm Impressed

Lauren Simpson: How'd You Do That?

Marianna Simpson: I Wanna Know

Nicole Simpson: Let's Keep Moving!!!

  • They March Through Little Planet*

Leese Simpson: We're Here It's Gonna Take Teamwork To Untie Little Planet From The Tethered Ball

Lisa Simpson: Agreed

Maggie Simpson: I Concur

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