This duel takes place in megasean3000's fanfic Xiaolin Showdown/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover 2

Story up to that point

Chase dispatches Ken, Andrea and Joseph to put together a plan involving the duel in the mountain. Meanwhile the gang arrive in the Mountain Mage's Shrine, and this time Joey's ready to duel.

Duel Recap

Start at 4000 lps

Joey picks Flame Swordsman

Mage picks Lord of the Mountains

Mage's Turn

  • Activates Mountain Hunting Grounds, increasing all of his Winged-Beast monsters by 1000 points depending on their battle position.
  • Summons Blue Eaglesparrow (DEF: 2000) > (DEF: 3000)

Joey's turn

  • Summons Swordsman of Landstar (ATK: 500)
  • Activates Shield and Sword, swapping the ATK and DEF of all monsters on the field (SoL ATK: 1200) (BE DEF: 500)
  • Activates Fairy Meteor Crush, giving Swordsman of Landstar the Piercing effect.
  • Attacks Blue Eaglesparrow (Mage: 3300)
  • Sets a card

Mage's Turn

  • Summons Strike Hawk (ATK: 1700) > (ATK: 2700)
  • Activates the Seal of Orichalcos (SH ATK: 3200)
  • Attacks Swordsman of Landstar
  • Joey reveals face-down Skull Dice, rolling a five, and dividing Strike Hawk's ATK by 5 (ATK: 640)
  • The attack continues (Joey: 3860)
  • Sets a card

Joey's Turn

  • Summons Panther Warrior (ATK: 2000)
  • Activates Scapegoat, summoning four Sheep Tokens (DEF: 0)
  • Activates Graceful Dice, rolling a two, and doubling Panther Warrior's ATK (ATK: 4000)
  • Sacrifices one Sheep Token to attack Strike Hawk (Mage: 2500)

Mage's Turn

  • Activates Flight of Wings, summoning all level 4 or lower Winged-Beast monsters in his hand, Striker Eagle (ATK: 1200) > (ATK: 2700) and Blackbird (ATK: 1500) > (ATK: 3000)
  • Sacrifices both to summon Kaiser Falcon (ATK: 2400) > (ATK: 3900)
  • Attacks Panther Warrior (Joey: 1960)

Joey's Turn

  • Activates Card of Sanctity, so both draw until they have six cards
  • Activates Monster Reborn, bringing back Panther Warrior (ATK 2000)
  • Sacrifices the remaining three Sheep Tokens to summon Gilford the Lightning (ATK: 2800)
  • Activates Claw of Hermos, fusing Panther Warrior with it to form Panther Axe, equipping it to Gilford, increasing it by the total ATK an other monsters are powered by (ATK: 4300)
  • Activates the Deck Master effect and transfering Flame Swordsman's ATK to Gilford (ATK: 6100)
  • Activates Legendary Sword, increasing Gilford's ATK by 300 points (ATK: 6400)
  • Attacks Kaiser Falcon (Mage: 0)

Joey wins

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