Joanna Adams

Joanna Lindsay Adams Is The Main Protagonist In Freestyle Baseball Joanna Wears An Light Red/White Tanktop With Black Straps On It Showing Her Light Tan Stomach She Wears Black Leather Jeans And Black Shoes She Has Brown Eyes With Black Irises And Long Brown Hair She Is Very Friendly And Offers Positive Reinforcements And Energy She Is Full Of Hilarity And Funny Jokes She Is Lauren Adams's Girlfriend She Also Has Wing Tattoos On Her Back She Considers Herself To Be One Of The Most Sexy, Hot, Intelligent And Attractive Girls Out There Her Butt Bounces When She Walks She Has Been Known To Flirt With Her Girlfriend Lauren Adams

Recruiting And Assembling An Team

Joanna Decides To Do The Next Best Thing And Build An Team Around Power Hitting And Power Pitching She Was In Luck Because The Girls (Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Lisa Simpson Jr, Maggie Simpson Jr, Jessica Lovejoy, Jessica Lovejoy Jr, Michelle Simpson, Marianna Simpson, Amber Simpson, Kim Simpson, Alicia Simpson, Ashley Simpson, Kirsten Simpson, Krystal Simpson, Alyssa Simpson, Marissa Simpson, Stephanie Simpson, Luanne Simpson, Anna Simpson, Elizabeth Simpson, Becky Simpson And Kathleen Simpson) Were In Town Looking To Form An Team And Joanna Using Her 900 IQ Intelligence Recruits Them All And Had An Much Powerful Team With Her As The Team Captain Along Came Lauren Adams An Terrific Outfielder With An Strong Arm

Moving Up In The Standings

The Team Began Play As The Leader Of The Pack They Became The Los Angeles Bombers She Was An Terrific Shortstop


Joanna Adams: Leading The Team

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