Joachim Kroll

Joachim Kroll ca. 1976

"I had to destroy people." 

- Joachim Kroll 

Joachim Kroll (April 17 1933 - July 1 1991) was a German serial killer and cannibal who was convicted of the murder of fourteen people. He was known for primarilly targeting women and children in Duisburg, Germany . He became known under the name "The Ruhr Cannibal". 

Early Life 

Joachim Greorg Kroll was born in Hindenburg on April 17 1933 to a poor miner and a fanaticly religious mother. He was the seventh son of nine siblings. As a child he had a low education and only an I.Q. of 76. During World War II his father was captured by the nazi's but released. He got a job as a toilet-attendand in

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