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Jessica The Hedgehog Is One Of Jonathan's Daughters And Protectors Her Job Is To Protect Jonathan She Also Has An Black Sports Car Which She Uses To Travel In Her Sister Amanda The Hedgehog Looks Just Like Her In Appearance Amanda Is Jonathan's Second Daughter And Loyal Helper Along With Mariah, Skye And Allison The Hedgehog They Are Jonathan's 3rd, 4th And 5th Daughters Desiree The Hedgehog Is The 6th Daughter They Look Just Like Jessica In Appearance But With Different Colors Ironically Enough Jonathan Used Them As His Personal Maids And Then Gold The Hedgehog Joins Them As The 7th Daughter Tahra The Hedgehog Serves As The Group's Co-Leader Along With Jessica The Hedgehog And Is The 8th Daughter Shade The Hedgehog, Amy Rose (Changed Her Name To Kerri The Hedgehog And Made Her Appearance Similar To Jessica's), Megan The Hedgehog Are 9th, 10th And 11th Daughters (They Changed Their Names To Samantha The Hedgehog, Kerri The Hedgehog And Roxanne The Hedgehog They Look Just Like Jessica In Appearance)

First Encounter With Jonathan

While Driving Back To Her Mansion In Tempest Valley With Jonathan's Daughters In The Sports Car She Immediately Sensed Jonathan Was In Grave Danger In Mobius She Immediately Turned The Sports Car Around And Drive Towards Mobius When They Get There Jessica Then Smiled And Asked Jonathan If He Needed Protection Jonathan Said Sure And So Jonathan Hops In The Sports Car As It Drives Back Towards Jessica's Mansion In Tempest Valley

Forming An Group

While In Jessica's Mansion Jessica Suggests That They Form A Freedom Fighter Group Named The Female Hedgehog Freedom Fighters Jonathan Instantly Caught On To That Idea And Accepted It With Amanda The Hedehog, Skye The Hedgehog, Desiree The Hedgehog, Allison The Hedgehog, Gold The Hedgehog, Mariah The Hedgehog On Board With This Plan Decided To Form The Group Jessica Then Announced That They Are Going After The Criminal Organizations That Dare To Harm It Jonathan Unexpectedly Turns Into Tahra The Hedgehog Who Provides Some Athletic Ability And Power To The Group Jessica Then Immediately Recognizes Tahra Saying She Has Seen Her Somewhere Before This Would Make Tahra's 2nd Appearance In This Movie


Jessica Is Caring And Giggles A Lot She Is Always Happy And Cracks Her Teammates Up With Her Funny Jokes She Is Soft-Spoken Self-Centered And Determined To Protect Mobius From Whatever Threat Harms It

Appearances In Movies

Jessica The Hedgehog: The Movie

TV Series

Jessica The Hedgehog Adventures Will Air On CW It Will Star Jessica The Hedgehog, Allison The Hedgehog, Kerri The Hedgehog, Roxanne The Hedgehog, Tahra The Hedgehog, Skye The Hedgehog, Amanda The Hedgehog, Samantha The Hedgehog, Gold The Hedgehog, Mariah The Hedgehog, Desiree The Hedgehog The Setting Takes Place At The Mansion