Super Belated Birthday Gift D8 by Chibi Metal.png

Jessica And Nikki The Fox Are Close Friends Of Anne The Hedgehog And Anne The Hedgehog Jr They Go With Them On Adventures Jessica Is An Light Purple Female Fox Who Wears An Black Cap Yellow Tanktop Which Has The Ropes On Her Stomach Dark Pink Shorts White And Yellow Socks And Pink And Black Shoes She Has Long Dark Red Hair While Nikki Is An Light Yellow Female Fox Who Wears Taped Tanktop  Which Showed Her Light Yellow Stomach White Pants With A Creseant Design On It And She Is Barefooted

Life In Fox Valley

They And Other Female Foxes Were Resting Peacefully On Fox Valley Until Robotnik Kidnapped The Young Foxes And So They And The Female Foxes Chase After Robotnik

The Last Stand

They Stand Against Robotnik And Rescued Their Young Foxes

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