Jessica As She Is Seen Here Is An Current WWE Wrestler She Had Long Light Blond Hair Wore An White Long T-Shirt Showing Her Stomach She Wore Dark Blue Jeans With An Chain Belt And Black Shoes She Had An Necklace On Her Neck Jessica Loves Everyone And Is Very Popular With The Fans Always Has An Smile On Her Face And Is Always Available For Both Interviews And Autograph Sessions Jessica's Birthday Is May 2, 1993 Her Real Name And Wrestling Name Is Jessica Moore She Has An Huge Sense Of Humor And Is Easily Laughed She Had The Charisma And Excellent Mic Skills And Great At Cutting Promos Which Served Her Very Well Jessica's Submission Move Is Camel Clutch

Early Life And Education

Jessica Alicia Moore Was Born On May 2, 1993 In West Newbury Massachussets In Boston Same Hometown Of Current WWE Champion John Cena Jessica Was Always Fascinated By How WWE Works When She Was 13 She Attended Boston University In 1983 And Graduated In 1986 She Would Work For Numerous Promotions Such As Stampede Wrestling

Stampede Wrestling (1986-1990)

Jessica Now 14 Spent Her First 5 Years In Stampede Wrestling Association Honing Her Skills And Improving Her Abilities In The Ring

World Class Wrestling (1990-1993)

Jessica Now 15 Signed With WCW In 1990 As It's Main Attraction Problem Was That Undertaker Left For The WWF In 1990 Jessica Would Win 3 WCW Women's Championships Showing Great Potential

Extreme Championship Wrestling (1993-1996)

Jessica Now 16 Was Snatched By Extreme Championship Wrestling's Owner Paul Heyman As He Scouted Her Out He Believes That She Can Be ECW's Big Star Problem Was Jessica Moore Never Saw Eye To Eye With Heyman But She Did Win 6 Championships And In 1996 She Ditched Them After Being Mistreated

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (1996-Present)

Jessica Moore At 17 Found Herself In A WWF Locker Room After Vince McMahon Signed Her To An Big 250,0000 10 Year Contract Jessica Moore Wasted No Time Making An Big Statement As She Defeated Sable To Obtain Her First World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship Belt Jessica Moore Unveiled Her New Finisher (One That Jessica Finds Fun And Useful) It Was Called The Jessica Bomb Which Kinda Looks Like Batista's Batista Bomb Only 2 Differences Jessica's Powerbomb Includes An Pin And It's Highly Effective Jessica Was Listed At 6"6 317 Pounds Jessica Moore Was Pure Muscle Everybody Loved Jessica Moore Because Of The Fact That Jessica Was An Face Jessica Had An Awesome Gimmick Her Character "Jessica Moore" Described As Follows She Might Be 6"6 And 317 Pounds But She Is No Pushover She Will Destroy You With Her Jessica Bomb" Her Gimmick Was Basically An Powerful Powerhouse Female With Excellent Skills Jessica Appeared On The Cover Of WWF Magazine (1996) With The Cover Reading "She's The Next Big Thing" Jessica Loves To Tell Funny Stories And Jokes About Herself In Weird And Just Plain Funny Situations Everyone Loved Her Even The Media Back Then The Media Praised Her For Her Positive Personality And Great Humor Jessica Moore's Memorable Moment Came At Wrestlemania 12 (1996) Where She Was Defending Her World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship Against An Up And Coming Women Superstar Named Tori Who Has Plenty Of Great Things To Say About Her "She Was My Favorite Wrestler" Said An Happy Tori Ironically Also In 1996 Tori Was Taken Under Jessica's Wing As Her Protege In The Process Tori Turned Face And Formed An Highly Successful Tag Team Named "The Wonder Girls" Who Would Go On To Win 47 World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles Most By Any Tag Team Jessica Got An Loud Ovation During Raw Is War (1997)

Theme Songs

Jessica Moore Had Numerous Themes Throughout Her Career

Sexy Woman Diva By Jim Johnston And Cher (1996-1998) Note: Jessica Had 10 Titantrons This Was Her First One

The Dominatrix By Jim Johnston (1998-99)

The Queen By Jim Johnston (1999-2000)

Don't Let It Get Me By Jim Johnston And Pink (2000-Present) Note: This Was When Jessica Moore Used Her Pink Sports Car As Her Entrance Which She Currently Uses She Drives Herself To The Ring And Parks The Car On The Ramp Gets Out And Goes Into The Ring


Jessica Moore Says She Is Left Handed Which Is Obviously True Jessica Is Left Handed

Jessica Was Just 17 When She Won Her First World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship

Jessica Was 17 When She Debuted In The WWF In 1996 Undertaker Was 31 At The Time


Jessica Moore: The Legend Is Born

Personal Life

Jessica Moore Has 4 Sisters Maggie Moore, Marianna Moore, Tiffany Moore And Rachael Moore Who Ironically Debuted At The Same Time As Jessica In The WWF In 1996 Like Jessica Who Was A Face They Were Faces Too Tiffany's Best Moment Was When She Grabbed Sable By The Neck And Chokeslammed Her To The Ground Also In 1996 Jessica's Mother Lauren Moore Came Into The Picture In 1996 As She Became The Leader Of The Newly Formed Stable "The Moores" The Moores Debuted In 1996 With Jessica, Maggie, Marianna, Tiffany, Lauren And Rachael Moore Taking Center Stage At Wrestlemania 12 (1996) As The Stable Were Involved In Separate Tag Team Championship Matches Such As Jessica Moore/Maggie Moore Vs. Sable/Chyna Marianna Moore/Tiffany Moore Vs. Sunny/Sable And The Main Event Was Rachael Moore/Lauren Moore Vs. Marleena/Tori All Of Them Won Tag Team Titles

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