An alien named Trey came to Earth to assist the Rangers in their fight against the Machine Empire.The danger arose of the Golden powers being lost forever, unless Trey transferred them to someone else. That someone else was Jason, the original Red Ranger, back with the team, and back to action. When Tommy retired as the Red Zeo Ranger and passed on his powers to his brother David Trueheart, Jason once again became the leader of the Power Rangers. Jason led the Zeo Rangers to many victories against the Machine Empire. When the Children of Maligore, Jareth and Khetala, rose to power, Jason realized that even the combined power of himself and the other Zeo Rangers was not enough to defeat Jareth and Khetala! There was only one chance left! As a last resort against Jareth and Khetala's advances, Jason sacrificed himself by setting the Golden powers to overload, thereby creating an intense Golden blast! Jareth and Khetala were unaffected, however, and continue to threaten the Earth!

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