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Janice Kyle was Governor Mitchell's press secretary during Day 1.

Before Day 1

Janice was a devoted member of David Palmer's campaign crew before moving to Detroit, where she received the position of press secretary to Jonathan Mitchell. She was charged with writing a speech denouncing Palmer, but couldn't.

Day 1

Janice was approached by Simon Fitzpatrick and was told that the deputy press secretary Roger James had a passable speech and if she didn't get a better one, the governor would go with Roger's and have her fired.

Janice listened into conversation between Simon and the governor saying that they would go with Roger's speech and that she would make a few corrections. Simon told her, but upon being left alone, ripped the speech into pieces.

Janice then left the building and hired a hit man named Phillip to scare Roger into retracting his speech. She returned to the governor's mansion, where she lied about seeing her sister in her absence. Roger later found out that she planned to give her speech to the governor before being told she was able to.

Janice was eventually discovered at the person who had hired Phillip. As Pratt tried to arrest her, Janice got the jump on him, knocking him unconscious. Janice stole his gun before jumping in her car and driving off. Simon officially listed her as a fugitive and a top priority.


Day 1

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