Janet, Janice's younger sister, came home from school one day. Janet had a good day at school. She learned a new beat at drum practice. When Janet arrived home, she took her drumsticks, went into the garage, and sat down behind her pink drum set. Janet then began playing the rock beat she learned on her drums. Janice came into the garage and, when Janet finished the beat, Janice said "Nice beat, sis!" Janet smiled and said "Thanks, Janice!" Janice said "Hi, Janet!" Janet got up from behind the drums and said "Hi, Janice!" Janice and Janet then embraced. Janice said "How are you doing, sis?" Janet said "Good, sis! How are you?" Janice said "I'm good, sis!" Janice then said "How was your day, sis?" Janet said "My day was good!" Janice said "That's good!" Janet said "Hey, Janice, I have an idea." Janice said "What?" Janet said "Why don't we make up a rock song with that beat?" Janice said "Sure! Let me go get my guitar!" Janice went into her bedroom and got her pink electric guitar. She then went back into the garage and took her pink electric guitar out of its case. Janice then plugged it into an amplifier, turned it on, and turned it all the way up. Janice then put the microphone to her lips and said "Are you ready, sis?" Janet said "Yeah!" Janice said "All right! Let's rock and roll!" Janet tapped her drumsticks 4 times and shouted "One, two, three, four!" Janice and Janet began playing. Janice played her electric guitar and sang. Janet played her drums. The two played the rock song that they made up. Janet played the beat again and she sounded great. Janice and Janet sounded awesome. They rocked! They sounded really good. When they finished, Janet said "That was the coolest rock song that we have ever made up, Janice!" Janice said "Yeah, sis! It was a very cool song!" Janice and Janet then laughed. Janice and Janet were very happy. 

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