Main Characters (Jane's Daughters Look Like Her In All)

Jane The Hedgehog/Light Jane The Hedgehog- Jane Has 5 Downward Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills Long Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills She Has White Eyelids She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Pupils She Wears An Dark Pink/White Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Dark Pink Stomach Dark Blue Jeans, Dark Blue Shoes With Wings On It She Wore Black With Aqua Blue Line Wristband White Gloves And Had Black Wristbands And Dark Pink Tail She Has An White Mouth Muzzle

Annabelle The Hedgehog

Destiny The Hedgehog

Natalie The Hedgehog

Stephanie The Hedgehog

Miranda The Hedgehog

Lacey The Hedgehog (6th Daughter)

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Scene 1: First Adventure

  • In Jane's House On South Island*

Jane The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Girls!!!! I Got A Letter From Our Pen Pal Lacey The Hedgehog

Annabelle The Hedgehog: *Smiles* That's Terrific

Destiny The Hedgehog: Do We Know Where She Resides?

Natalie The Hedgehog: I Think She Resides In Mercia

Stephanie The Hedgehog: Agreed

Miranda The Hedgehog: She's Probably An Resident Of South Island

Jane The Hedgehog: Correct She Is An Resident Of South Island She Will Be Staying With Us

Annabelle The Hedgehog: Oh Wow

Destiny The Hedgehog: Let's Welcome Her With Open Arms

Natalie The Hedgehog: Good Idea

Stephanie The Hedgehog: Agreed

Miranda The Hedgehog: I Concur

  • Lacey Walks In*

Lacey The Hedgehog: Hi There I'm Lacey

Jane The Hedgehog: I'm Jane Your Mother And Leader

  • BOOM*

Jane The Hedgehog: The Building Is Crumbling

Miranda The Hedgehog: Quick!!!! Let's Get Out Of Here

  • They Escape*

Jane The Hedgehog: Let's Get An Move On

  • They Sped Off*

Jane The Hedgehog: We're On A Mission

Destiny The Hedgehog: And That Mission Is To Find Those Responsible For This

Natalie The Hedgehog: I Think Robotnik Is Behind This

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