Jake Long looked out the window one day and he saw a car pull up. To Jake's surprise, a familiar ghost boy came out of the car. It was Danny Fenton/Phantom, Jake's owner. Jake said "He's back?" Then he said to his friends "Hey, everybody! Danny's back! He's back early from Summer Camp!" Benny the Bull said "Places, everybody! Danny's coming!" All the toys went back to their places. Then Danny came into the room and saw Jake on the shelf. He said "Hey, Jake! Did you miss me?" Danny took Jake from the shelf and began playing with him. Danny then noticed Jake's broken arm. Danny said "Oh man! I forgot! You're broken! I don't want to play with you anymore!" And, with that, Danny dropped Jake. Jake fell into the garbage can. He came out of toy mode and looked horrified. Jake screamed "No, Danny! No! No, Danny! NO!" Then a claw came out and grabbed Jake! The claw started to pull Jake down, choking him! Danny went to the garbage can and said "Bye, Jake!" Jake said "No! No, Danny!" But Danny closed the lid! Everything was in darkness!

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