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Jake Haskell was a teenager during Day 1.

Day 1

Jake was brought into the police station by Officer Poole, who refused to say why he had been arrested. Jake continued to ask why and plead for a lawyer, but Poole only acted snarly at him before leaving him alone in the interrogation room.

Jake was taken to the crime scene, which turned out to be the house of his ex-girlfriend Brittany Short. Poole accused Jake of burning it down out of rage and forced him to look at the dead bodies of her parents. After learning that Brittany was missing, Jake attacked Poole, uncuffed himself, and ran out the window.

Jake ran to a friend named Drew who helped him research Brittany's parents Paul and Amanda Short. After some light hacking, they discovered that they were CTU agents. Jake took Drew's cell phone and left to call CTU for help.

Joey Kaplan came to pick him up, but Hamilton Sorel's henchmen kidnapped him first. Jake was shown is ex-girlfriend Brittany tied up. Her safety was promised provided he helped break Paolo Luteni out of CTU custody.

Jake was later picked up by Andy McDermott, who was disappointed with Jake's lack of answers. Jake insisted on seeingPaolo Luteni upon arriving, and was eventually let in. Jake attacked Paolo, but it was later revealed to have been a ruse to hand Paolo a knife for his escape.

At Sorel's hideout, Brittany go a hold of Hamilton's headphone and told Jake about his plan to sell the Gardner virus. Under the ruse of telling her about a friend and a baseball card, Jake relayed the story to Alexis Texas and led her to a hallway in the path of Paolo Luteni's escape.


Day 1

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