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Jak and Daxter: The television series
Action, Sci-Fi


Created by
Etenitey the hedgehog


Etenitey the hedgehog


SuperSaiyanKirby, Manta-Bee, Chomper4.


No. of episodes


Run time
30 min.


Season 1: TV Y7 FV

Season 2-present: TV PG LV -

English Network
Stunts TV


Josh Keaton

Richard McGonagle -

First aired
May 21, 2010


Jak and Daxter: The televison series is based of the Jak and Daxter games. It is like a spin off to Ratchet and Clank: The televison series.

Characters, weapons, Major locations

Season 1 stuff



  • Power Cells - The main sorce to allow the user to proceed and stronger. They are small and circular, orbited by 4 outer spheres, and a 5th inner one, making them look like a enlarged atom. They are obtained by various tasks in the season.
  • Precursor Orb - Egg like objects that float slightly above the ground in uncharted areas. They are used as currency throughout the world, allowing the holder to buy power cells in the course of the season.
  • Scout Flies - Small fly-like creatures captured in red and silver boxes that are found in each area. Collecting all seven of them in each area get Jak a power cell.
  • Eco - May show up in vents and floating spheres. Different eco made jak do different feats. Includes Green Eco, Blue Eco, Yellow Eco, and Red Eco.




  • Fishing
  • Rat shooting
  • Zoomer race


  • Normal chests
  • Strong chests
  • Red boxes
  • Dark Eco boxes

Enemies (Lurkers)

Lurker Vehicles

The Big Guys

Season 2 Stuff

Season 2 Characters


Dream Mode

Enemies (Metal Bugs)

The Big Guys



Season 1

  1. Geysers and Eco
  2. Helping Hands
  3. Forbidden Areas Part 1:Open the Temple
  4. Forbidden Areas Part 2:Gone Fishing
  5. Burning Canyon
  6. Rock Village War part 1:Find the Warrior
  7. Rock Village War part 2: Jak & Daxter vs. the Giant boulder throwing Lurker
  8. Cure some plants
  9. Underwater City of Not So Atlantis part1: Open with Lurkers
  10. Underwater City of Not So Atlantis part 2: Halfway from the surface
  11. Swampy Bogs
  12. Jak and Daxter vs. Klaww
  13. Crater of Lava
  14. Scary Spiders
  15. Destroy the Lurker Base!
  16. A-Grav Adventure
  17. Final Battle: Jak and Daxter vs. Gol and Maia Acheron

Season 2

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