Cyndaquil is Isabella's first Pokemon, which she caught in The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot. Isabella has fought with Cyndaquil in Stay oh Wait, The Pokémon battle of a lifetime, Brian and the Pushydogs and Quick Battle. In Travel to Sinnoh, it is revealed that Isabella has used an Everstone on Cyndaquil, so he won't evolve. Cyndaquil eventually appeared at the beginning of Hollywood World: The Movie. Out of all of Isabella's Pokemon, Isabella has the strongest bond with Cyndaquil. In The Pokémon battle of a lifetime, it was revealed Cyndaquil was male when Lindsay's female Jigglypuff used Attract on him. In Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 5, Cyndaquil removed his own Everstone, evolving all the way into Typhlosion in the process.




  • Flamethrower
  • Fire Blast
  • Secret Power
  • Toxic
  • Overheat
  • Cut
  • Dig
  • Ember

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