Hyper Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog

This Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Hyper Ultimate Form Which Was Achieved By Using 8 Super Emeralds And 7 Chaos Emeralds Combined And The Use Of 8 Ultimate Emeralds He Is Considered To Be Jonathan's Powerful Form Around He Has Dark Blue Fur Dark Blue Spikes And Red Quills Everything Else Is Dark Blue

History And Origins And 1st Transformation

Jonathan The Hedgehog Was Walking Through When Suddenly When Heartless Super Dark Amy Rose Appears She Had Long Red Quills And Suddenly The 8 Super Emeralds, 7 Chaos Emeralds And 8 Ultimate Emeralds Circle Around Jonathan The Hedgehog As His Fur Turns From Black/Red To Dark Blue His Signature Trademark Move Is The Dark Blue Lightning Bolt Blast As The Two Continue To Engage In Battle Hyper Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog Delivers An Suckerpunch To Heartless Dark Super Amy Rose And Does His 100000 Combo On Her And Slams Her To The Ground With His Elbow And He Returns Back To His Normal Fur Color

Numerous Comic Book Appearances

His Earliest Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Appearance Was Issue # 1 (1993-94) Story Arc 1: The Birth Of Hyper Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog In Which Jonathan's Very First Transformation Into Hyper Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog Occurred When He Faced Off Against Dr. Robotnik's Creation Metal Sonic In Which He Easily Destroys Metal Sonic Who Hits The Ground Then Explodes He Then Reverts Back To His Normal State

Memorable Quotes

"When This Is Over I'll Show You The Power Of Ultimate Chaos Control!!!!!"

"It's Go Time"

"When This Is Over Your Ass Belongs To Me"

Comic Book Series

Sonic The Hedgehog (Archie 1993)

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