Hugo is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.


Hugo, along with Phillips and another agent, went to where Max Gibson was trying to contact the charter plane. Once he stepped out of the van,. he andtheother angents kidnapped him, although one of them wes killed in a shootout with the police officer who was with him.

Hugo and Phillips took Max toa hideout and forced him to contact the charter plane for them. Phillips was helpful, but Hugo didn't speak a word to either of them.

Hugo was forced to hand over his cell phone for a tactic to isolate a visurs that had followedthe tracer. It worked and Hugo instattly double-crossed them. He killed Phillips and took the cell phone, not knowing he needthe computer as well.

Hugo left for home, but was stopped by Linda Kreuger and Benji Madison as they traced the phone to him. Hugo and Linda were at a stalemate, but Benji managed to sneak up from behind and knock him unconscious.

Three days later, it was reveled that his real named wasn't Hugo andthat he wasn't an FBI agent as he had introduced himself as. Erik Maximoff later got a call that Hugo had committed suicide in his jail cell.



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