2nd Most Hated Harry Potter Fan Fic?

This Fan Fic was written by Grace Ann, a mother who and I quote "Wanted to make some kid friendly changes" to our favorite book. This portrays Christians in a bad way. This book pretty much changes the freaking plot line!

Unfortunately, what many fail to realize is that this story is a trollfic. It uses the strawmen tactics of both Christians and Atheists to portray a satirized version of a "good Christian re-telling" of the Harry Potter book series. The author's notes hold a slight backstory to this housewife who is ruled over by her husband, though she refuses to admit her own subservience and believes that women have their "own strengths in the home." This re-telling is said to be mysogynistic, offensive, and full of faulty reasoning and horrible fallacies including, but not limited to, strawmen, slippery slopes, appeals to emotion, the "no true scotsman" in the form of the different "caps," and begging the question va the Holy Bible. This story is MEANT to portray both those of the Christian faith and those of the Atheistic ideals poorly. It is NOT meant to be taken seriously.