At Angel Grove High in Ms. Applebee's class we were getting ready for our last assignment before our Exams.

"If you could go back in time what time period would you have liked to have lived in. This is the question for your assignment. So have a good three day weekend everyone." Ms. Applebee told us

All of us in the class then got up gathering up our belongings and left for the day. A few minutes later we all meet up outside Angel Grove High and walked up to one of the tables.

"If I could go back in time I would have to go back to last year you know when they had that big sale on and I was out sick with the flu." Kimberly said

Yeah I remember that she was not a happy camper either and I had to deal with her being ornery for a good two weeks.

"I think you have to go a little further back." Aisha told her

"Aisha is right Kim I think maybe something more on actual history terms is what we are suppose to go to." Trini mentioned

"I would have liked to live in Viking times I always loved those books." Rocky stated

"Well I would have liked to have lived in the time of King Arthur's Court." Tommy stated

"What about you Billy?" Rocky asked

"O that's an easy one back in the thirties with Albert Einstine of course I would have to be his assistant." Billy mentioned

We all get a chuckle at that

"Hey Paul what about you?" Kat asked

"Well I say back around the eighties when they were first making the Nintendo Entertainment system." I told them

"Should have known you pick that." Kimberly stated rolling her eyes

"Well at least I chose an educational guess unlike yours sis." I told her with a chuckle

Everyone else but her laughed at that

"What about you Zack?" Billy asked

"Well I say back in the seventies back when disco was the biggest hit." Zack stated

"Same here cuz." Curtis said as they clasp hands

"Hey Luke how about you?" I asked

"I don't know this one is hard for me I haven't been on Earth long enough to know of any kind of history." Luke stated

"Come on dude haven't you been paying attention in History class?" I asked

"Hey it isn't easy you know." Luke mentioned

"More like you being lazy." I stated

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