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Torrie The Hedgehog-Torrie The Hedgehog Who Looks Just Like Kokoro In Everything Torrie Then Sees Her Fellow Sisters And Decides To Reform The Original Hedgehog Force With Her As It's Official Leader

Kokoro The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Red Furred With An White/Light Purple Hairband Her Spikes Are Very Different Light Purple Earrings On Her Ears With Black Lines On It She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black/White Irises She Wore An Dark Purple Jacket Which Showed Her Dark Red Stomach And Tail With Black Stripe Dark Black Pants And White/Purple Shoes And Dark Yellow Inhibitor Rings She Is Very Friendly And She Is Flirtatious With Bethany Note: Her Spikes Go Upward

Bethany The Hedgehog-Bethany Looks Like Kokoro Herself And Has Her Clothing And Appearance

Sugar The Hedgehog-Sugar Has Black Fur Sugar Has Dark Purple Quills And Long Purple Hair She Wears Her Light Blue/White Tanktop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Black Stomach She Wears Light Blue/White Pants And Shoes She Has Dark Blue Eyelids And Has Tortuqois Blue Eyes With Black/White Pupils Sugar Is Jonathan's Cousin

Andrea The Hedgehog- She Has Long Yellow Hair She Has Ear Pieces On Her Left Ear She Wears Headphone On Her Head She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Had The Red Dragon Design On It Which Showed Her Boobs And Yellow Stomach She Wears Black Short With Black Short Legs And Black High Heels She Has Black Eyelids She Also Has Aqua Blue Eyes And Black Pupils Jonathan's 4th Girlfriend And Roommate Was Destiny The Monkey

Nicole The Hedgehog-Nicole Wore The Same Clothes As Rachael

Sandra The Hedgehog-Sandra Is Golden With Dark Brown Quills She Has 6 Backwards Spikes She Wears An Light Green Tanktop Which Showed Her Golden Stomach Black/Green Leather Pants And White/Black Shoes With Green Line On It She Has Dark Brown Eyes An Yellow Tail That Sticks Out Behind Her And Black/Green Wristbands She Has Sunglasses On Top Of Her Head

Tahra The Hedgehog-For Some Odd Reason Being Jonathan's Younger Sister Tahra Wears An Dark Grey Sleeveless Shirt Which Showed Her Dark Purple Stomach She Wears Blue Ripped Jeans Which Showed Her Dark Purple Legs And Wears Speed Shoes She Is Useful Than She Appears She Has The Same Abilities As Sandra The Hedgehog She Has Dark Blue Eyes With Black Irises Light Brown Mouth And Hot Red Lips Everyone Says Tahra And Jonathan Are An Better Couple

Rebecca The Hedgehog-She Resides On The Wing Fortress She Is Their Real Friend And She Is Considered To Be The Mother Figure To Them She Wore The Same Outfit As Kokoro The Hedgehog She Is Also Dark Red Furred

Mecha Torrie The Hedgehog-She Is Much Like Torrie Herself But Has Powerful Abilities

Mecha Kokoro The Hedgehog-She Is Most Powerful She Can Use Her Attacks And Jumps To Get To High Places And Hidden Passageways And Exits

Mecha Bethany The Hedgehog-Mecha Bethany Is Best Known For Her Honesty, Truthfullness And Willingness To Help Out

Mecha Andrea The Hedgehog-She Is Most Skilled In Combat And Other Things

Mecha Sugar The Hedgehog-She Loves To Battle Badniks To Train Herself

Mecha Nicole The Hedgehog-Very Useful For Smashing Walls To Find Hidden Paths

Mecha Tahra The Hedgehog-This Hot Sexy Mechanical Version Of Tahra Can Really Pack An Punch She Has Powerful Abilities Making Her An Good Choice

Mecha Sandra The Hedgehog-Mecha Sandra Is Great For Everything And Can Work Well With Her Friends

Mecha Rebecca The Hedgehog-She Is Underrated Her Abilities Make Her Great For Attacking

Main Plot: Dr. Robotnik Has Once Again Stolen The Chaos Emeralds And This Time Created Mecha Versions Of Torrie, Kokoro, Bethany, Sugar, Andrea, Nicole, Tahra, Sandra And Rebecca The Hedgehog He Uses Them To Retrieve The Master Emerald To Power Up His Newest Invention The Eclipse Cannon Which Would Blow Up The Moon And Everything In Sight The Mechas Realized That Something Doesn't Seem Right To Them They Immediately Found Torrie The Hedgehog Sitting In The Park And Told Her What Was Happening They Then Pledged Their Alligiance To Them Which Now Makes Double Trouble For Robotnik So They Teamed Up Together To Stop Robotnik From Accomplishing His Goal Meanwhile With Sandra The Hedgehog Who Was Trying To Find The Master Emerald It Was Long Gone Can They Stop Robotnik Or Will Robotnik Claim Victory

Season 1 Episode 1: The Hedgehogs First Adventure (February 1st, 1993)

  • In The Hedgehog Mansion*

Torrie The Hedgehog: *Opens The Cabinet Door* Aha!!!! So That's Where These Keys Went

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Hi Torrie Did You Find The Keys To An Room

Mecha Torrie The Hedgehog: *Panting* We've Just Discovered That Robotnik Is Using The 7 Chaos Emeralds And The Master Emerald To Power Up His Eclipse Cannon

Mecha Kokoro The Hedgehog: If We Both Don't Stop Him

Mecha Bethany The Hedgehog: I'm Afraid That He Might Blow Up The Planet

Mecha Tahra The Hedgehog: Or Even Worse The Entire Universe

Mecha Sugar The Hedgehog: We Must Act Now

Mecha Andrea The Hedgehog: Before He Destroys Our Planet

Mecha Sandra The Hedgehog: Oh Dear God I Hope He Doesn't Destroy Our Planet

Mecha Rebecca The Hedgehog: We Should Stop Him

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