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This page show the relationship of Alheather

The Jacob Show

Hit in the Nuts: Bubbles hears that Heather has a crush on Alejandro and catches it on tape.

A Ocean's Dream: Heather is seen cuddling Alejandro.

Elementry my dear Heather: Heather is seen to have a Alejandro plush toy.

Batten My Hatches: Heather kisses Alejandro which grosses out Reily.

A load of Barnacles: Heather is heartbroken when Alejandro accidently kisses Beth.

Find me Booty: Heather is seen to be mad at Alejandro for kissing Beth.

What the Heck: Heather is shown to have forgiven Alejandro, but the relationship didn't restart.

Things that go Squeak! In The Night: The relationship officialy restarts in the Season 2 premiere.

Break your Bones: Heather gushes over Alejandro with Beth.

Trent's Movie: Heather is seen blushing after Alejandro hi-fives Heather.

Round and Round: Heather said that Mexico remided her of her sweet little apple Alejandro.

Total Drama Camp

Ep. 1: Heather is deeply saddened when she found out they were gonna be in different teams.

Ep. 2: Heather is sitting next Alejandro.

Ep. 3: Heather is jealous when Alejandro is flirting with Courtney.

Ep. 4: Heather and Alejandro made out for the whole episode.

Ep. 5: Heather and Al kept making out until Reily sprayed them.

Ep. 6: Heather is seen worried about Alejandro after Jack the Ripper kidnapped him.

Ep. 7: Reily hears that Heather is making out with Alejandro.

Ep. 8: Alejandro is elimination, And Heather is extremely saddened about it and hugs him one last time.

Ep. 9: She cries all about Alejandro that was what almost eliminated her.

Ep. 10: Heather was still upset that Alejandro was eliminated.

Ep. 13: Heather was eliminated and they reunited.

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