Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn As She Appears In Batman:Arkham Asylum Harley Had Dark Red Hair And Wore Dark Red/Black Tanktop Like Vest Showing Her Stomach Black Leather Pants Black Belt And Black Boots

Pursuing Undertaker

Harley As She Declares Herself The Most Pure Evil Villainess Around Working For Joker (Amy Rose) Her Henchmen Were Taken Out By An Mysterious 6"10 328 Pound Figure Who Wore His 1994-96 Attire And Casual Attire Harley Decides To Track Him Down And Assassinate Him Problem Was Jonathan (Undertaker) Can't Be Killed As He Is The Deadman

The Epic Battle

As Undertaker And Harley Quinn Fought In The Graveyard Harley Suddenly Comes To Realization That Undertaker Was Physically Stronger Than Her And Much Powerful So She Gave Up

Early Life And History

Harley Grew Up In The Bronx New York As She Was Originally An School Teacher

Life Of Crime

She Committed Her First Act As An Criminal By Stealing From The Bank But Only To Be Caught By Undertaker Hours Later

Appearances In Other Comics

Undertaker (Chaos!!! Comics)-She Is Often Referred To As Mary Beth Hodgins In The Comics Who Helps Undertaker (Jonathan) Regain His Memory, Powers And Form As Jonathan The Ruler Of Stygian Had Once Again Waged Another War Against His Worst Enemy Since Augustus Was Defeated It Was Dark Lisa Simpson Who Seeked The 5 Books To Get Rid Of Undertaker For Good In Book #0 (1998-99) It Tells The Story Of Undertaker's (Jonathan's) Happy And Sad Childhood Jezebelle Who Undertaker (Jonathan) Met In One Of Undertaker's Flashbacks Kane Says Undertaker Went Crazy After Being Stuck In Hell Which Made Jonathan Go Completely Insane

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