Evolution Stage Mega
Attribute Virus
Type Death God
Family Metal Empire, Nightmare Soldiers
Group Olympus Twelve
List of Digimon

Hadesmon is a Mega (Ultimate in japanese versions) Digimon that appears in Digital Hyuga Chronicles that is the DNA Digivolved form of Metal Phantomon and Infermon.


Hadesmon is the DNA digivolved form of Metal Phantomon and Infermon that was created by Naitojemu when he commanded the DNA Digivolution. Hadesmon forced Leomon and the others back from their Ultimate forms into their Rookie forms. But it was forced to retreat when Tai and War Greymon arrived to help.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Phantom Slicer He swings his scythe at his foes that unleashs a huge energy blade from it.


Evolves from

  • Metal Phantomon + Infermon

Evolves into

  • -none-


Name Origin

  • Hades is the greek god of the dead.

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