The Governor of Maryland is the highest ranking position in the executive branch of the state of Maryland.

Job description

The governor is responsible for all of the actions in the state. He or she can either pass or veto laws and can cast a vote on whether or not a bill is added to the consttution as an amendment. When the governor can not execute his orher duties, the Lieutenant Governor takes over.

Governors of Maryland

Name Story Status
Jack Taylor Before Corruption Deceased
Jack Taylor was governor when Benji Madison and his then girlfriend Stephanie Maximoff attended a party. Stephanie drove drunk, which led to the death of a friend. Stephanie framed Benji and convinced Jack to help Benji. Benji got a reduced sentence, allowed Benji to work, and died of lung cancer a year after leaving office.
Henry Gibson Corruption Deceased
Henry was the corrupt governor throughout Corruption. He had his daughter and his chief of staff to have two mercenaries killed on Isla Sorna to ruin Stephanie Maximoff's campaign. He failed and was ultimantly jailed before being killed by Piper Norvell.
Stephanie Maximoff Dinosaur Liberation Association Alive
Following Henry Gibson's arrest, Stephanie easily won the election. The power was transfered to Benji following her kidnapping by Dalton Furrelle.

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