TV Series

Main Cast

Jessica Chabot As Giantess Amy Rose-Her Red Ski Tanktop Is Ripped Showing Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Her Red Ski Skirt Is Ripped As Well She Had Long Pink Hair And Quills She Wore Red/White Boots She Had Green Eyes And Black Irises She Can Also Fight With Her Excellent Skills

Nicole Paige As Amy Rose Jr-Amy Jr Wore The Same Outfit As Amy And She Was Also 16 She Also Had Green Eyes And Black Pupils As Well She Wore Purple Boots As Well

Cindy Robertson As Amy Rose-Amy Is Wearing Her Red/White Tanktop Showing Her Pink Stomach, Red Shorts And Purple Boots She Has Her Long Pink Hair And Green Eyes With Black Irises She Also Has An Light Green Purse She Is Looked At As Jonathan's Sidekick She Is 18 Years Old She Also Wears Her Yellow Rings On Her Hand She Is Full Of Positive Energy And Happiness She Owns An Pink Sports Car Which Is 500x Faster, Powerful, Invincible, Indestructible, Fully Upgraded And Updated By Herself She Has Huge Sense Of Humor And Laughs A Lot She Is An Great Fighter With Fighting Skills Unmatched

Grey DeLisle As Neo Metal Amy Rose/Super Neo Metal Amy Rose-Jonathan's Creation She Is Heavily Involved In Many Of Jonathan's Plans She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Metallic Pink Stomach, Black Leather Pants, Black Shoes And Wore White Gloves She Has Extremely Long Pink Spikes, Quills And Hair

Jennifer Tilly As Aubrey The Hedgehog

Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth The Hedgehog/Mary The Hedgehog/Kirsten The Hedgehog/Alexandra The Hedgehog

Megan Fox As Viperine The Hedgehog-Viperine Wears An White And Black Tanktop Showing Her Dark Purple Stomach Dark Blue And Grey Jeans Dark Purple/Grey Shoes She Is Dark Purple Furred She Has Light Purple Gloves, Red Inhibitor Rings And Has An Red Chaos Emerald In Her Possession She Has Long Dark Purple Hair And Her Front Spikes Is Curled Up She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises

Gary Chalk As Dr. Robotnik

Season 1 Episode 1: Robotnik Steals The Chaos Emeralds (1993-94)

  • In Giantess Amy Rose's House*

Giantess Amy Rose: *Walking To Her Closet* Hmm What Should I Wear Today? *Smiles* I Know!!!! I'll Wear These *Takes Out Her Red Tubetop, Dark Blue Jeans And Black Shoes* *Goes Into The Changing Room*

  • Meanwhile*

Amy Rose: Oh Good Is Everything Set Viperine

Viperine The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm Happy To Report All Chaos Emeralds Are In The Carrier Luckily I've Got Extra Just In Case If Robotnik Steals Them

Aubrey The Hedgehog: They're Gone!!!!

Viperine The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Not To Worry Luckily I Had These In My Pocket *Puts The Chaos Emeralds In The Carrier*

Giantess Amy Rose: *Smiles* I'm Gonna Just Ride With Amy And Amy Jr In Their Pink Sports Car

Alexandra The Hedgehog: Okay!!!

  • The Plane Goes Off And The Pink Sports Car Follows*

Amy Rose: *Driving* So Robotnik Is Using The Chaos Emeralds To Possibly Destroy Mobius And Kill The Mobians

Amy Rose Jr: I Suggest Turning Your Sports Car Into An Jet So We Can Follow The Carrier

Giantess Amy Rose: Yeah!!! It Works That Way

Amy Rose: *Driving* *Smiles* Great Idea!!!! *Presses The Button*

  • Amy's Sports Car Turns Into A Jet And Follows The Carrier*
  • Inside The Carrier*

Aubrey The Hedgehog: *Driving The Cruiser* Good With The Jet Behind Us We Should Be Able To Stop Robotnik

Elizabeth The Hedgehog: Agreed

Mary The Hedgehog: We Should Invite Them On Board

Kirsten The Hedgehog: I Actually Like That Idea Together We Can Work As A Team

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