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Jessica Chabot As Giantess Amy Rose-Her Red Ski Tanktop Is Ripped Showing Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Her Red Ski Skirt Is Ripped As Well She Had Long Pink Hair And Quills She Wore Red/White Boots She Had Green Eyes And Black Irises She Can Also Fight With Her Excellent Skills

Giantess Jessica Rose-She Also Wears An Ripped Red Ski Top Which Showed Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Ripped Shorts She Also Wore Red/White Boots She Also Had Green Eyes With Black Irises

Giantess Allison Rose-She Wore The Same Outfit As Giantess Amy Rose Which All Of Them Do

Giantess Susanna Rose

Giantess Summer Rose

Giantess Ashley Rose

Giantess Nicole Rose

Giantess Tiffany Rose

All Sonic Characters/Villains (Owned By Archie)

Giantess Amy Rose Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Part 1: Pursuing Robotnik

  • In The Sky*

Giantess Amy Rose: You Know How Far We Are From Robotnik's Base

Giantess Jessica Rose: Nope

Giantess Allison Rose: We're 493 Miles From The Base

Giantess Susanna Rose: Oh God That's Too Far

Giantess Summer Rose: Oh Don't Worry It's Not That Far

Giantess Ashley Rose: Oh Good

Giantess Nicole Rose: I Agree

Giantess Tiffany Rose: I See It Up Ahead

  • They Arrive At Robotnik's Base*

Giantess Amy Rose: Here We Are

Giantess Jessica Rose: Yay!!!!

Giantess Allison Rose: It's Time We Pay Robotnik An Visit

Giantess Susanna Rose: Agreed

Giantess Summer Rose: Let's Go!!!!

Giantess Ashley Rose: Yeah!!!!

Giantess Nicole Rose: Yeah

Giantess Tiffany Rose: Yeah!!!!

  • They Enter*

Giantess Amy Rose: I'm Scared

Giantess Allison Rose: Don't Worry We're Not Intimidated By This At All

Giantess Amy Rose: That's Good

Giantess Nicole Rose: Ooh I See The Entrance

  • The Door Is Locked*

Giantess Amy Rose: It Looks Like We're In An Battle Here

Giantess Jessica Rose: Ooh This Should Be Fun

Giantess Allison Rose: Let's Do It

Giantess Susanna Rose: This Will Test Our Strength

Giantess Summer Rose: Right

Giantess Ashley Rose: It's Time To Battle

Giantess Nicole Rose: Yay!!!!

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