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Giant Amy

Giantess Amy Rose Is An Friendly Giantess Who Lives In Giant Valley Where She Is The Only Resident

Basic Information

Name: Giantess Amy Rose

Race: Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Height: 7"0

Weight: 190 Pounds

Ablities: Super Strength, Super Reflexes, Super Agility, Pick Up Stuff, Create Paths, Destroy Stuff, Solve Puzzles

Affiliated With: Giantess Amy Rose And Jonathan (Giantess Amy Rose And Jonathan)

DOB: April, 23 1992 (12 Years Old)

Age: 12

Attire: Red Bikini  Which Shows Her Boobs And Underwear


She Giggles A Ton And She Is Always Happy She Is Jonathan's Mother And Invites Him To Giant Valley To Stay There With Her He Accepts Seeing As She Is Generous

Appearances In Movies

She Excitedly Has Announced That She Will Star In The Movie Jonathan And Giantess Amy Rose: The Movie

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